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Coffee Maker and Microwave in Room?

I started hosting with a guest room/attached bath on my ground floor just off my kitchen. Guests go to the kitchen basically right outside their door for morning coffee.

I am about to open a second room with ensuite bath on the second floor. Obviously, people staying in that room won’t have the same easy access to the kitchen.

For those of you with a similar setup, how do you handle this? Do you have a coffee maker in the room? No coffee maker and guests must go downstairs for coffee? Microwave? Mini fridge? What are the pros and cons?

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I dont have any of it in guests rooms, they all go to the kitchen. It will be less noise though if you put at aleast coffee maker and microwave in their rooms. But they will eat in their rooms also, and if a small table does not fit,they will eat in bed.

There will be guests who eat in bed regardless of whether or not you have a table! The pros would be that the guests will love the additional amenities in their room, and you may be able to adjust your rate accordingly. The cons include the fact that it will cost a bit more electricity if you have a mini fridge, and all you described will take up a little room. If I were in your shoes, I would definitely include it if you have enough space in the room.

I have a microwave, dorm fridge, coffeemaker and toaster in each room, and I put a few dishes in there too. Since my minimum stay is a month, they can settle in, buy groceries, and not be in the kitchen late or early, since my room is right next to the kitchen and they would wake me. They can cook on the stove during the day if they want to, but they often don’t.

I know that many on this forum disagree with me, but there’s no way I’d put a coffee maker or a kettle in the guest room. Many people put sugar in their coffee. If they spill which they will and they don’t have a sink and sponge handy they won’t clean the spill. I’ve already had several guests attract ants to the guest room. I don’t plan to encourage it. Also, I’d be concerned that guests would forget to turn off the coffee maker or kettle and would start a fire. When I worked in an office we had to install a timer on the coffee maker because it was constantly being left on overnight and over the weekend.

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I have a mini frig in each room with 4 bottles of water and put a couple of Kind Bars (energy bars) in room but coffee etc. is in kitchen and am expecting a new Cuisinart SS-700 to arrive in mail today…

NO microwave. Noooo. I have a mini fridge, tea & coffee making gadgets, and that is it. Trust me, you do not want guests cooking in the bedroom.


A Keurig single serving coffee maker works great. Regards, Curt

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