Coffee filter holder?

For those of you with regular drip coffee makers what do you keep the filters (if you use paper) in? I can’t seem to find the right container. It’s a silly little thing that’s bugging me.

is keeping them in the box they come in an option?

I just keep a small stack on a shelf in the cupboard above the coffee maker, next to the canister of coffee. I also fluff them beforehand so I don’t have to peel them apart when my peepers aren’t fully open.

After I’m done with coffee, I air-dry the grounds and toss them around plants.

Edit: Oops, I see you meant in the rental (heh-heh) but basically the same. The housecleaner leaves a measured supply out (so guests don’t squirrel away a lot).

These came in a plastic wrapper. Previous batch were in a box, which I noticed over time got grease spots; probably from guests handling it while buttering toast or something.

I use a sort of “art” bowl that was a gift from a client – just the right diameter and depth and it looks great. Check your local Salvation Army, Goodwill or other second-hand shops for something that will work – a small canister, bowl, fancy cookie tin…

Does it have a cover? Or is it in a closed cupboard?

I think I see a need; maybe I should invent this, go on Shark Tank and make millions, LOL.

I chose this one. I have one for napkins and one for the filters. Not as cool as the old-style Interdesign which is a hand and a neat blue, but it works. Lasted for two years without any degradation of the metal.

It doesn’t have a cover. But I actually have a couple of spun-metal,
clear plastic topped canisters that would work if I wanted a covered

How do you ‘fluff’ them? I have a hard time separating them especially first thing in the am…

Uh, heh-heh, I guess fluff is the wrong word.

I remove a supply of filters from the wrapper and bend one area of the stack of filters toward the middle, and press the crease of the base toward the center with my thumb. It creates a separation of the filters in that area which I spread or fan-out even more to stagger the alignment of the filters.

The misalignment is enough to slip in an edge of my thumb or a finger-tip and remove a single filter easily.

(whew!)…a technical writer I am not.

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That would be great, but this particular coffee maker takes basket filters.

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Ditch the paper filters! Get a wire mesh reusable basket. It’s way more convenient and just as good.


Shop around. You can usually just set the reusable wire mesh basket inside the other one.

And they actually produce a richer tasting coffee if one likes that sort of thing.

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lol! Well, I actually like blah, flavorless weak coffee.

But I find them to be messier, and anything that might be remotely messier with guests is a strike against it. I know it’s bad for the environment and all, but I like my paper filters.


Oh. you mean they have to dispose of the grounds. I see what you mean. But how difficult is that? It’s just that not having those paper filters is just one less thing to stock.

Like SandyToes I put coffee grounds in the garden or in my compost bin so I don’t need them. And I do prefer the taste. But in a rental, I’m not sure what I’d do. All these individual, “bad for the environment containers but convenient for me” items would be tough. Just another reason to not convert my rental to a two room suite with kitchenette.

But the paper coffee filters are paper and will biodegrade, huh?

I throw my grounds right out the door onto the lawn.

But J-Wang, you like to clean…I don’t. :smile:

I have a cheap-o 4-cup coffee maker and use the paper filters but I also have a 8-10 cup Capresso with the gold filter, and it was a pain in the petooty to dump out the grounds and still have to rinse out the rest (down the sink - horrors!) and wash it.

The Capresso (and its gold-tone companion) is sitting up in a closet.

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