Cobwebs and CCTV

So I’ve quickly learned that insects love infrared cameras. I frequently get night videos of whole swarms of little flying insects buzzing the camera in a bizarrely hypnotic dance.

This of course inevitably draws spiders to build webs there to try to catch the little pests.

I did a search and found this article that gives various ideas to deter spiders away from the cam.

For now I’ll have my groundskeeper (Dad) keep the lens clear, but next time we’re out there, we’re going to employ a few of the suggestions in here to try to repel them. We already have a solar powered fan thing that we will bring there to re-purpose, which will keep the diurnal ones away. Several spiders are only active in the day including wolf spiders and orb weavers.

I will also put a flea collar around the camera housing, and put some dryer sheets and moth balls up under the canopy we built over the top of it.

This is probably not even a concern to hosts who turn over every day, but we’re out in the country and the place sits vacant most weekdays and boy spiders work fast. Too bad we can’t hire them to do turnovers. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the web page. Out intended : - )

The nearby light might have a medium or high kelvin rating. These attract bugs. Double check and if need be replace it with a 2700 Kelvin bulb.

What nearby light? 202020

Well either the camera itself is emitting light and/or a nearby source. Whatever the case, it is attracting bugs and there should be a way to use a low Kelvin option.

Not trying to bug you :slight_smile:

My cameras have LED infared lighting built in and one cannot change the “bulbs.”

it’s the built in infrared light that is attracting them. we are in a dark sky rural area, there is no sort of streetlight or anything.