Co-hosts available to run your airbnb for you.

Do you own a home that sits empty for extended periods of time? Do you own/run a short term vacation rental property and are looking for a break while maintaining this income? If you answered yes, please read on!

For the last 8 months we have been living in and running a bed and breakfast in Vancouver. It is a full house with a ground floor bachelor suite - that we live in - a 2 bedroom garden suite and 3 small rooms on the top floor which are rented out on airbnb. Our duties include handling check-outs and check-ins, switching over of rooms/suites, laundry, serving breakfast every morning, managing the app and all communication/coordination with guests. We also took of basic repairs, handyman duties, shopping and everything else required to maintain 5 star reviews and superhost status.

This has been a fantastic arrangement for the owners of this property as it gave them the freedom to build a separate business and take a break for airbnb while maintaining this lucrative source of passive income, worry free. It has also given us great freedom to focus on what we love and have our basic needs met while working from home only 1-4 hours per day.

We have just received notice, that the owners will be putting the house up for sale in the spring and we will be required to move out in April. We are interested in finding a similar arrangement in Vancouver or potentially elsewhere. We also dream of setting up something like this catered to artists and musicians as improvement to the arts and culture of the city.

If you’re interested in having us run your vacation rental business or starting one up for you, send us an e-mail!


Tonye and Aaron

You’d be better advertising on local forums and channels @Aaron_Hamblin

This is an international forum and the majority of us are existing hosts who manage our own listings except for a couple like @Poppy who manage a portfolio of properties for other hosts (I think she might manage some of her own too).

Ok, thanks Helsi. However, we are open to the possibility of seeking employment internationally as well. If you could approve the post, I would be very interested in seeing if anyone is looking for something like this.


I am not a moderator here I am just a regular and was just expressing my opinion.

This forum is dedicated to connecting hosts with other hosts and therefore the people that use it aren’t normally on the look out for co-hosts, as they are established hosts who manage their own listings or there are a few that are new to Airbnb and managing their own listings.

If co-hosts advertised their services here the forum would be littered with ads from them which would interrupt the flow of the forum.

I wish you luck in finding somewhere to co-host but am not sure this forum is an appropriate channel for doing so.

Ok, thank you.



I have a very small property management business in Australia and have enough trouble keeping on the ground staff and checking up that the work is done satisfactorily. Having someone internationally or even in other state taking over that role is laughable. Where would the quality control be?

They are looking to move into a hosts property @Poppy and manage it for them rather than remote hosting.

You’ve misread my post Poppy. We have been co-hosting a property in Vancouver which is coming to an end soon. We are looking to be live-in managers at a single property in exchange for free rent + salary and we’re willing to travel somewhere to do it.

My apologies. 20 20 20

You may be willing to travel but then you would need a working visa and most hosts wouldn’t want the hassle of having to sponsor you, nor have a need to. Far better to stick to countries where you speak the language and don’t need a working visa @Aaron_Hamblin

What advice did you get when you posted on the Vancouver and local host forums in other Canadian cities.

Honestly, this is the first forum I saw. I’m just starting to put out the feelers now. But as you’ve said Helsi, this may not be the right place. Thanks