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Co-Hosting & Ratings


Hi All,

I’ve got a super important question I need help with:

As a Co-Host of a listing, is my profile being affected by the reviews of that listing, or is it relevant only to the primary host?
e.g as i am a super host now, will bad ratings for a listing in which i’m a co host now affect my status?

Thanks in advance


@Asaf this is what it says, doesn’t really answer the question.
“Co-hosts can use their own Airbnb account to write review of guests on behalf of the listing owner. Guests will be able to review the listing and the co-host.”


Depends on how the listing is set up.

Hopefully it will have set up as a separate profile, in which case it won’t.

Why not give Airbnb a call if you are unsure.


Would also like to know the answer to this, so if you do call Airbnb to ask, please let us know what the answer is. :slight_smile:


I have a Co-Host. The reviews I receive for my listings do NOT affect my co-host’s status in anyway.


Hi guys,

I have called Airbnb, the answer was not completely clear to me to be honest:
Basically the representative said that the person who leaves the review (Host or Co-Host) will be the one that gets the rating from the guest.
This is his reply, i’m not sure he is 100% correct, but it’s the best we have for now:

“Regarding your question, if you receive an Instant book reservation, both you and your host will have the option to leave a review to a guest. The one that leaves a review to a guest is the one that will have his review published on the profile.
If your host admin leaves a review to a Guest, his evaluation will be shown on the host admin profile and not yours and even if it is a good or a bad review, it won’t impact your hosting ratings nor your Superhost status”

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