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Co-hosting or sharing one account to host

Hello All,

My partner is already a host but now we’d like for me to take over most of the time. What do you think would be better - co-hosting or him handing over his login details to me (plus adding our photo and both names and telling people we’re using one account)?

I researched co-hosting and some people say they can only add a co-host for one of the rooms/apartments but not for the second one and we have two. I didn’t accept the co-hosting offer yet, because AirBnB asks me have to upload my passport photo first, which I’m reluctant to do. I want to research my options first.

Does anyone here has any experience with co-hosting and/or two hosts using one account? Any tips or hints?



Why would you be reluctant to upload your photo? If you’re NOT doing this for Legal/Tax reasons, the easiest thing to do, probably is for him to give you the login, and you to do all the correspondence etc.

I’m not sure that you can change the name etc. under Profile. If you do, it might wipe out the account.

We did something similar. I had the original Air Account, but for tax purposes (she owns the property) we wanted her to be the account holder. I went into Account, and Under Payout Methods I added her as a Taxpayer, and then made her the Default Taxpayer. Under Profile I made the default picture one showing the two of us, and then under Describe Yourself, I wrote about both of us.

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Hi Ken,

Thanks for your answer. To clarify, I’m not talking about my photo (I did that), I’m talking about a photo/scan of my passport or other ID. Newly registered people have to do that, it’s a new security mesure. I don’t know if it would be safe once uploaded. If airbnb gets hacked someone can steal my identity with that info. I don’t need to avoid taxes or anything like that, either. We live in Austria, my partner owns the house and can rent it freely. It’s just he wants to get a full time job so he won’t have time for airbnb but I would.

I’ve read that you can only co-host one property but airbnb seems to treat two rooms/apartments in the same house as two properties. You’d think the house is the property regardless of number of rooms/apartments in it. The two apartments we have are just two extra levels of the house we live in, with shared entrance so it’s all one property but with two places for rent.
So I want to ask people about their experience with co-hosting.

If we’ll share an account I’m concerned our guests will think it’s not professional. My partner was using airbnb as a guest before and start hosting from the same account, so it has only his name and photo and I don’t know how people will react if I would reply to them instead of him. I don’t want to pretend I’m him.

I really don’t think you need to worry about how “professional” you sound. Guests know, or should, as we keep saying, that you’re not a hotel … I haven’t bothered with co-hosting. I’m the"official" host and I do most of the correspondence but I talk about “we” in the profile and share my login details with my husband so he can keep up to date with the calendar and if I’m busy with something or not available he can reply to an inquiry. We don’t have instant book and are a bit picky about who we host so we do make a point of consulting each other before accepting a reservation. As long as you make sure you communicate with each other so misunderstandings don’t arise I think sharing an account works fine.


We don’t have instant book and are a bit picky about who we host so we do make a point of consulting each other before accepting a reservation
Yes! Exactly what mon mari, my husband, my spouse and I do! We and I agree with you completely.

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