Co hosting, is there a limit?

Hello, I am currently co hosting one property for a lady but have a few more people that have asked for me to co host for them. my question is there a limit on how many listings i can be a co host for? thank you

We are not affiliated with Air. Call and ask them.

What do you find in the Help section of

Thank you for the reply. It doesnt say anything about private co hosting, just if you are co hosting through air bnb’s program.

I thought this forum was for asking questions about hosting on airbnb?


If Air’s policy only addresses co-hosting through its own program, why would you expect hosts to know the answer to your question of “how many listings” can you co-host?

Hosts don’t set such rules.

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because i would expect there to be other hosts in my situation on this forum.

this is my first time posting on this forum and most likely my last, why bother commenting if you dont have the answer to my question just to be a smarty pants?

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We just luvvv new posters like you…so polite and appreciative.



I’m about to have my listing shut down. I hope that also doesn’t mean I’m going to lose my ability to cohost, because if I can’t list in my town (see my post), at least maybe I can still cohost and maybe pick up another one since a stupid neighbor complained about me running a business out of my home. Even though I was paying taxes and following local law. I just didn’t have a license with the city because they didn’t tell me I needed one to rent out a room in my home but since there’s a complaint now I have to (and have to pay $2000 to even see if I can get a variance for STR and a license).

@Newyhost. I haven’t researched this. I considered being a co-host for a New York minute, and then decided that I didn’t have the energy to provide the level of service that I provide for my own space for others. I really do think that this is limitation– how many checkins can you manage in a day? How many houses can you turnover?

This AirBNB stuff is hard work. Being a co-host can also be hard, I think.

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@Sarah_Warren. I thought you had worked this out with your town? Sounds really distressing… but I bet you would be a great co-host, but I suspect that being a co-host won’t be as lucrative and that will affect your long-term financial plan.

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thank you for the reply smtucker. I live in a small city/large beach town and am looking to do this for an income while im on Maternity leave. I already have one property that is booked solid and it is easy so far. I have a cleaner I use and leave a key in the lock box for guests. My most time consuming activity is changing the sheets! I was also a property manager with 200 plus properties for 10 years so this is right up my alley.

I have another property right next door to my current listing plus another one about 5 min drive away that both want me to co host. I just hope I am allowed to co host on that amount of properties.

Really appreciate your comment :smile:

Oh that sounds terrible :frowning: I think we are in different countries so Im not sure about your STR and License. Good luck with it all.

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OMGOSH, I missed your post about this somehow…I’m so sorry!

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I agree that you did not get overly kind responses.
Sometimes people use the awesomeness of the internet to find things…which is how I am assuming you came across this forum, and I can totally understand why a simple google search would lead you here to ask this question.

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I think that the number of places that you can co-host will be all about your energy. Has the baby arrived already? Some kids are easy. Some aren’t so much. And, of course, congratulations!

Name calling is not allowed here.

Most of us are hosts, no co hosts. That is why I suggested you call Air or look their website over.

And frankly, I am getting a bit tired of answering newbie questions when they are too lazy to do the research themselves.


Oh Sarah!!! What a rotten neighbor!
What would happen if you just continued to do short term rentals?
You really need a license for that?

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Yes thank you he is 6 months old. Very easy baby :slight_smile:

But @Newyhost your question is about providing a commercial airbnb management service for hosts, not about hosting.

If you aren’t co-hosting through Airbnb the answer is you can co-host as many properties as you like and feel able to I would have thought.