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Co Hosting - A workaround for cities with 1 host 1 home policies

I’m a host with 2 listings not situated in the US. Since it was released in my market I’ve been using the co host feature as my sister was helping me host anyway and it’s an easy way for her to keep a finger on the pulse.

Airbnb have been modifying the co hosting feature since it was released. In the beginning (for me) I was the primary host, and my sister was a co host - so both listings were in my name. I wasn’t able to change that setup.

With a recent change by Airbnb I can now change my sister to be the primary host of one or both listings.

It popped into my mind that this could be a work around for those who are in cities with a 1 home 1 host policy in place.

At the same time it appear to me that this could be a way for transferring an Airbnb listing between parties - which hadn’t been the case before.

For example, I want to transfer my listing to you. To do so I first make you a co host of the listing. Then I change you to be the primary host. I’m not sure if I can then be removed as a co host.

Would be interesting to see if this was possible.

What’s to stop a couple from having two listings? One in each of their names.

What’s to stop one person from setting up an LLC for each of their 10 properties, and run totally separate from each other, at least on paper.

Just thinking out loud here as we don’t currently have this problem where I am.

Why can’t people just obey the damn law!


It’s called looking for and taking advantage of possible loopholes. Totally within the law and smart business if done properly.


Law…wow I didn’t know BNB were now so powerful that they had taken over legislating :frowning: :slight_smile:

Yes indeed! I’m the host of record for our listing. We’re setting up a second space in the house so I’m going to “invite” my hubby to begin hosting and we both get some ABB bucks in our account. I’ll be co-hosting his account eventually, and taking care of the online stuff. Win win! Or so I hope.

I have always been a fanr of pushing limits, but in cities like SF and others with 1 host 1 house rules, is it really worth it to fight this? If you fight and get caught the fines are $1000/day plus you can never get a permit to STR again in the city. Not sure that is a good business opportunity.


For all laws it really just depends on what the wording of the law is, and whether or not there is case law which has set precedence (though mind you it also depends on the legal system you have).

I’d be curious to see what the wording was in these cities. It is interesting that Airbnb have modified the co hosting feature in this way.

Of course legislators can just find other ways of limiting short term rentals, which we see all of the time in the media.

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