Co-host not receiving notifications

I have listed a property (Listing Admin), but have assigned day to day responsibility to my co-host (primary host). The problem is that she is not receiving notifications via email or txt, and this is causing serious problems. AirBNB have frankly been totally useless, it seems that the agents role is to do nothing more than close the case rather than resolve the issue.

Is anyone else been in this situation?
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to a) get some kind of real traction with AirBNB, and/or b) change our setup such that the co-host gets notifications.
NB She is co-host for a number of properties and we are the only one that is causing her grief.

Either this is something to do with how you have set up your co-host settings or there is a technical error. So I don’t think we can help, as we can’t see how you have set it up.

I am not sure why they would close the case if they haven’t been able to resolve.

I can only suggest you contact them via Twitter.

To be honest your co-host who works with multiple hosts is probably much better placed than we are to advise on this one.

We are at our wits end. Seriously the people we contact really couldn’t care less. They just keep closing the cases we raise with them. We have had consultants state that the problem is at their end, but nothing ever changes. It’s seems that there are standard responses (we are looking into the problem, it’s important to us etc) then ‘Close’, ‘Next’

Not sure there is that much to set up, you invite the co-host, they accept. It’s extremely frustrating, what’s the point of the co-host is they don’t get notifications.

Maybe the reality is that the AirBNB systems are VERY fragile. We thought we would reach out here to see if others have ANY suggestions (AirBNB support don’t seem to).

Peter & Camilla Dudley

Are you speaking to a European Customer Service agent, Asian CS or an American CS? Makes a big difference sometimes. Call between 10AM and 5PM Pacific time and you should get an American agent…

I had a strange experience with the text message notifications. I was still receiving e-mails, but at one point suddenly the text messages stopped. CS and technical support and the tips were of no use. I finally got another sim card … deleted the old one and that did the trick.
After a while with the new sim card … I went back to the old number and now it is working again.

Perhaps you should un invite here as a co-host, invite a different host for test purposes and see if it works there. If so … run it for a few days and then try again with your intended co-host.

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Doing it through Messenger. Seem to get someone totally different each and every time!! Calling might work, we are going to delete the co-host then read add see what happens – once things calm down a little.


@AlexSJ, she receives notifications for the other properties she manages, so I doubt changing her SIM will work - even if it was an option.
Once the summer season is over we will look at the delete and re add option

I meant on your side … eliminate her as a co host, add another co host …and see if that works. Then switch back.

My problem was a different one, but going back to square one helped.