Co-host insurance

Considering co-hosting on the side. It’s unclear whether co-hosts are covered under Airbnb’s current protection/insurance programs. Even if co-hosts are covered, we all know how reliable Airbnb’s coverage is. (basically it’s a bonus if it works, but you can’t count on it)

What kind of separate insurance would be prudent for a co-host? Would we insure ourselves similar to home cleaners (especially if we will be doing some tidying/cleaning)?

Hello @GoldEli

It is not the host or co-host that is covered but the listing.

Whoever owns the listing needs to take out appropriate home insurance that covers short term lets.

Do you not have this for your own listing?

If you are setting up a co-hosting/airbnb management support service you will need your own business insurance. Probably best to speak to an insurance broker about both.

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What types of losses / liability are you trying to insure against? A cleaner will get insurance as a requirement of the client, not the other way around.

Actually that’s not true @Brandt cleaners should (although many individuals don’t) have public liability insurance which covers them whichever workplace they are in.

Co Host could mean all sorts of things, I agree if you are cleaning then you have a public liability exposure, beyond that you may get into Professional Indemnity type risks if you are providing property management services.

I guess what I am imagining is-- as a co-host, I may need to tidy up, do light cleaning or set out supplies which all require me to be inside the unit. I also need to interact with guests in-person. If anything goes wrong, what kinds of insurance would be prudent?

I know cleaners often have insurance in case something is damaged in the course of cleaning (maybe flooring, expensive artwork falls off the wall, left sink on and floods the house etc). The home insurance may cover such things, but then they may also come after me for having been responsible.

Same goes with guests-- if anything happens with them, they may sue and include me along with the host.

Would an umbrella policy/general liability suffice?