Close call with an inappropriate guest

Hi All, I am a single woman and have a private room in my apartment I have on airbnb. I had a request from a German Man for a 6night booking and he seemed friendly and had a history of 2 positive reviews from other hosts so I approved. I then received the below email from him!!! Clearly it is totally inappropriate. I removed the preapproval and advised Airbnb but havent heard back…I feel a duty to warn other hosts. I have only had positive experiences hosting guests but now am feeling a little nervous about my decision to invite people into my home. Especially as I always felt that a guest with positive reviews would be a safe bet…Any advise on what I should do, if anything? Thanks in advance, Allie

Hi Allie, the custumer i need to go has canceled my trip i don´t know if they confirm it back i will let you know asap, sorry , just wanted to inform you… by the way are u single and does your mom live with you or is she just the one who give the keys? :wink: maybe they just change the dates i will let you know… one more question hopefully it is ok to ask, at home i am used to run naked through the house because i feel more free, would this be a problem? you do this, too? :wink: i know many people are very confused but i am an honest person and think to ask is no problem… sorry in advance but i think you are a very nice girl and very open minded. i really appreciate that u have such a social thing and helping others is the best thing you can do!!! Respect to you! Maximilian.

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Maximilian isnt a very german name …

it looks like scam to me! maybe its someone just being silly.

Thats just silly.
Report him to airbnb immediately and don’t comunicate with him again.


I wouldn’t book him at all. His questions are very inappropriate - a bit scary, I think. He’s clearly trying to find out if he will be alone with you. His intentions are not pure.

Well … I suppose he’s being honest … and now you can be honest and tell him that there’s not a cat in hell’s chance of you allowing a total stranger to run naked round your apartment! Good grief, some people have a nerve!

As a single woman renting out your room, maybe you’d be justified in accepting female guests only? Of course, most men would be absolutely fine, but perhaps for now you might want to exercise over-caution until you’re a more experienced host?

Germans do a lot of skinny-dipping, nude saunas, thermal baths kind of stuff. I think that taking their clothes off in groups is nothing to them. He’s probably not your cup of tea, but I don’t think he’s necessarily weird. The language difference is an issue here too, I think.

Well, I am German and this is one big NOPE. No, it is not normal to advertise running around naked at home (also never encountered this in Germany), Maximilian IS a very German name, and this guy is a total creep. Report, and get his ass blocked off AirBnB. It is completely inappropriate to write something like this, there are dating websites for that, or, if you’re lazy, tinder.

I detest people who think they can harass strangers online.


Thanks to everyone for their replies :slight_smile: I forwarded his emails on to AIRBNB but havent heard back :frowning: I hope they kick him off the site - will keep you all posted. Im just pleased that he didnt book and then ask his 'questions" on arrival caus that would have been awkward!

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Did you ever hear back from Air on this?

I’m a single lady, who had a scary encounter (in real life) with an Airbnb guest when I first started hosting. It would legally qualify as assault (sexual overtures, grabbing me, blocking me from leaving my house). I had to flee my home and have a male friend of mine come physically remove the guest from my home. I described the incident to Airbnb, and they did a little investigating, and then permanently banned the guy. Since then, I don’t book to single male travelers unless there is someone else staying at my house (easier for me, since I have multiple rooms). There is no gender discrimination law that applies to who you invite into your private home, and renting rooms to guests on Airbnb does not make your home a public building or a business. You are perfectly within your rights to book your room to women only (or women and couples only), and Airbnb supports you in declining a booking from ANYONE who makes you uncomfortable FOR ANY REASON. It is your home, your safety, and your peace of mind, after all. Hope this helps…

No I didnt. They told me they would look into it but never got back to me. However I searched for him the other day and couldnt find his profile so wondered if airbnb had kicked him off the site…

Dont accept any Germans in Airbnb. A real German can not tolerate to go to other people home in order to save money. Some people they are borned in Germany but they are immigrants. They made an acount in a female name (actually they are singel men from east europe ) in oder to get a room, or a " German" said he need a room and would like to share with his friends…actually he brought some people from middeleast. His friends are from middeleast.You have to be really careful. They cover their full name by booking… show just a female name or some christ name " like Maria, Daniel" actually they are from east europe or middel east.When you ask them for ID, they will say" You are very trouble, you will lose your guests" to scare you. But I think if they are real guests, no thieves or done something wrong before, they should give their true name and ID… Don’t really don’t why they do that! I just hope they will not change your lock and rob you and run away. As long as one takes the fotos of the room, his collegue could wait downstaires until you are not there and break in to your room.

Susanne, I’m sorry to say that I’m really getting a bit pissed off with your ever increasing list of who to host and who not to. Maybe it’s a language thing and I’m not understanding you correctly?

I had several German friends and some of my nicest guests have been from Germany. And remember too that not all guests use Airbnb to save money.



After mainland China, the country from which we’ve hosted the most guests is Germany. These guests were born and raised in Germany so your stereotype of German guests not tolerating staying in other peoples’ homes is incorrect. Also, you seem to be implying that guests from the Middle East are undesirable. We have had several guests from the Middle East (Israel and Saudi Arabia) with no problem.


I think some of my 7th grade students got loose and opened an Airbnb account. :wink:



Now you have crossed the line in to completely offensive. I am an American Jewish woman. I am not rich. The Germans I have hosted were definitely German. The Middle Easterners I have hosted did not use any more of the amenities I offer than anyone else. They didn’t have parties or make much noise. It is perfectly normal for guests to assume that what they find in the guest room is for their use. You are determined that whatever information you receive will fit your prejudices, but you are incorrect in all of your stereotypes.


I really suspect that @Chen_Susanne isn’t real and is someone who is winding us up :slight_smile:


I agree, but as her(?) posts are so offensive as to be really hilarious, I haven’t the heart to report them!!

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Yes, I so want to block this person and their vitriol. I’m so tempted to respond but they obviously are only looking for a fight. Her other post about Asians has my heart pounding.

@tom2 can you help us out here? These posts are not helpful, they are only inflammatory. Us hosts are trying to hold on to our positive, loving attitudes. Even with our Asian guests, lol (most of which are LOVELY BY THE WAY!!!)


The best thing to do with trolls is to ignore them. They’re like stray cats…if you keep feeding them they tend to keep coming back for more.