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Clogged drain with hairs - any tips

HI, as a host I noticed that one of my biggest concern when I clean are hairs that get all over the place
Yesterday my washing machine was sending an error message due to a clogged drain (ball of hair that blocked the water pump).

What are your cleaning routines to avoid this ? Any tip? How often do you pour products to clean the kitchen, bathroom, bathtub etc…drains? Could it damage the pipes if done too often?


I do know how your drain looks like, but twice per year I unscrew mine and clean them.

I never use pruducts, all done manually, a screwdiver and some rubber gloves.

A guest called us the other day to say that the shower was draining very slowly. I tell my husband and he gets the screwdriver and gloves as @Chris mentions, and heads over. He unscrewed the little strainer plate thing, and then pulled a cat size ball of gross hair out of the drain. If he hadn’t done this manually, it would have taken more then Liquid Plumber to remove the clog, and most likely badly damaged the pipes. Manual cleaning is the most important first step - I’d say the same for your washer. I bet you can do a search on youtube to find out how to get at the clog…

good luck, there are some parts of our job that are pretty disgusting!

True. The sink drains cleaning is no peach either.

Just collect it all and sell it to a wig maker.

Just kidding. :smile:

You either need a snake to grab it. Or just regularly pull it out if you see it. Or you could buy stuff to pour down the drain to make it disintegrate. Or pour boiling water down it. Or baking soda and vinegar. Or if you can access the pipe take it off and remove.

I will now look at it more favorably. :slight_smile:
(Baking soda and vinegar, good one.)


Yes, it is, especially if you do not do any scheduled cleaning, and wait until it clogs.

Ever spring and every autumn I clean all drains (kitchen sink and shower), all ventilation fans (bathroom, toilet and kitchen). And in Autumn I also clean all electric heaters, and radiators.

It is part of the big cleaning we do on our appartments every 6 months. This also includes things like taking lamps from ceiling and clean them, cleaning fridges, checking silicone of shower, cleaning showerheads etc etc etc.

We got a whole list of stuff we do, and it takes a whole day with 2 persons. Takes 7 days to do all appartments.

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