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Hi Everyone!

As some of you may remember I had a little hissy fit Monday morning because I got an inquiry from a guest who REALLY did not read my listing and then asked a ton of questions.

I’m trying an experiment. I read my descriptions on the listing and noted where it cut off and there’s the little red ‘more’ button. So at the end of the paragraph before it cuts off I wrote "PLEASE CLICK ON THE CUTE LITTLE RED “MORE” button for additional valuable information.

Just an idea you can implement if you’d like! I’ll let you know if it makes a difference!

I do have a comment in the thick of my house rules that says “Mention ‘I read it’ and receive $5 off your booking”. Sadly, only one person has said ‘I read it’ and that was someone who booked months ago and was on his way to check in - he had booked at a rock-bottom rate, too! But he had a fun sense of humor about it so whatever, I gave him the $5 off.


You’ve probably thought of this, but why not make up a PDF document of guest info. Send it to their email address just as soon as they book. I have mine full of travel tips and other info… I think 90 percent of my guests DO read the whole thing… because they almost always get to one of my last lines:

"Please enjoy Buster the cat from outside the studio. He will want to come in but don’t let him. You may pet him however (if you dare, he’s very dusty!)

I know if my guests have read the part about my dusty cat, then they have read the whole thing! Most mention it, so I know they’ve read it all!


That’s a great idea, but I’m trying to get them to read it before they inquire or book!


Oh I see what you mean! Well you could always state that as your number one house rule. Everyone, I am sure, reads through the house rules first before booking. Or you could request when they enquire that in order to accept their booking they need to read the description. If you are on IB, that will be pretty impossible.

Hey I see you are getting snow! Drat. Last week we only had a light smattering of flurries. I really wanted snow!


That’s really good idea!! even if I did see the bit about the $5 I probably wouldn’t say anything - as i’m probably already getting a good deal staying at your Air



we’ve had a dusting of snow here, Cotswolds, UK, its melted by mid morning though. On the way back from the Caribbean last week we had to go via Chicago - so much snow!!!

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