Clear masks - for their viewing pleasure

It’s not funny if you’re hearing impaired and depend on lip reading.

An acquaintance with a boat canvas shop started making masks this winter because there were none available locally. He hired laid off restaurant workers to sew masks, bought a roll of Tyvek house wrap at a lumber yard and started making disposable gowns since our local hospital was having trouble getting delivery of them. The hospital said they needed face shields, too, so he got our local MakerSpace folks to use their 3D printer to print the headbands and swivels, used his boat canvas plastic for the shields. Folks with hearing impaired friends asked for a version that would protect wearers without a mask so their mouth was visible, and he came up with a version that he’s selling all over the world now, keeping 5 or 6 workers on the payroll.

Meanwhile, tiring of not being recognized when masked, I will have some fabric printed next week and have one of Hal’s former mask sewers turn it into masks:

ForMask 2