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Cleaning Tools for Guests

Dear fellow hosts,

Do you usually leave cleaning tools for guests, such as a broom and mop? If yes are these the same tools you use for cleaning the apartment?


We have a few claning tools for the guests. Just so the guests can clean when they have a lot of sand inside, or if a bottle is falling down and the floor wet etc. Some guests are using the tools, others not.

Everything I use to clean the apartment is kept there and available for guests. This includes all the bottles of cleaner (Windex, Clorox wipes etc.) and most guests use them :slight_smile:

I just leave a plunger by the toilet. My stomach is too weak to clear those type of clogs.

Everything for the apartment remains there either in the cabinet below the sink or in the supply closet.

What gets me is that even with a plunger, people still use the toilet brush to clear clogs!!?!?!!

Yep, laundry full of cleaning equipment and products. Below is a portion of my house rules, so I want to make it easy for them to keep the house clean:

“Please leave the house clean and tidy as you found it. (dishes and utensils washed and returned to cupboards, heavy spills wiped/mopped up, rubbish in bins, personal items removed )
Leave beds unmade and used towels on the bathroom floor.”

However, understanding that people don’t read anymore! I also tell/show them this on my welcome tour:)

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