Cleaning the unit for the next guest while away on vacation!

Hey community! It’s my first time on here. I have a huge problem that I’m not sure how to solve. This Thanksgiving I’m going away and all the friends/family that would normally help me clean my unit are also out of town. I’m curious to find out if other people share the same problem? And how you solve that problem?! Thanks

Doesn’t sound too huge just hire a local cleaner with excellent reference.

This can be expensive but might be better than losing a booking. If there aren’t any available I would block off those days.

The other thing you can do is to post a longer minimum stay during that period instead of shorter stays that require cleaning in-between.

I’ve recently been hooked up with another Air Superhost who lives just around the corner. We turn over each other apartments when the other one of us is away and just keep a record of where we’re up to. It works because we have the same philosophies and standards and our Air apartments are almost the same size. The real bonus is that we share ideas and have someone to rant to on the phone when there’s a sticky situation!


Thank you everyone for you reply and ideas. They help a lot! @suzehamling I wonder how I can create that situation for myself. Not sure how to find other hosts in my area but I think the best way to start is looking directly on airbnb’s listings and messaging them .

Making friends with your neighbors is definitely a bonus on many levels! Not sure what your apartment building, condo, neighborhood situation is though. Depending on what city you’re in, I’ve always had last-minute success with TaskRabbit and other task-based companies.

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Thanks Quinn. Will definitely check out Task Rabbit.

I was lucky enough to meet my Air host friend through mutual friends but yes, your idea sounds good!