Cleaning, stocking, and hospitality services

Hi, we are in Pittsburgh where the Airbnb market is smaller. I am in the processing of creating a service to assist hosts with all aspects of management including cleaning, stocking, concierge, damage reports, repairs, and staging. I have attempted to contact hosts using the airbnb “contact host” platform, but I am unable to do that without inquiring about a booking date. Is there another way I can reach hosts via email, the site, or obtain their phone numbers?

Also, I would appreciate any general feedback regarding our idea for this service and if you personally would use a similar service, and how much would you be willing to pay?

Thank you so very much, and Happy Hosting!

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No as that’s a massive breach of privacy!

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what @Kirsty_Jane said.

What you are offering is for people with multiple listings with lots of turnover who can pad your charges into the rates people pay. For people like me renting out a bed in my living room it wouldn’t make sense hiring a maintenance company like yours. If we did that it would cancel out what little profit we make. Like Uber drivers, it looks great what you initially earn, but then when you look at what you’re expending: time spent cleaning, money spent on supplies, other amenities, you really don’t make that much. As for Uber drivers, they really don’t make that much at all in the long run if you consider the cost of the vehicle and fuel.

So, my point is, for me I would never hire anyone to clean my place since it’s just a bed in a living room that, by the way, is pretty much rented out most nights year round. For people renting out high end, expensive places that compete with hotels, then your services might work financially.

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It’s bizarre to me that someone could think they could get our phone numbers in order to market their business.

How about paying to advertise like the rest of small business America.

Is this still available? Please contact me if you offer such services.

Hello Kelly,

I would love to learn more about your service. If you still offer this service, can you please let me know?