Cleaning Services Agreement

Does anyone have an agreement w/ their cleaning services provider that they would share? Much easier to start with one, than to generate one from zero.

Thanks in advance!

Why do you need a contract?

Your cleaner should be providing the contract. @JulieHere

If you want to provide one cover services offered and agreed dates/times, hourly rates, commission, insurance, payment terms etc,.

For an Airbnb, you need more than just a ‘cleaner’. Airbnb clean is not the same as ordinary clean. So a contract that the cleaner provides will need your amendments, I imagine. But as @Helsi says, they should provide one which forms the basis of the contract between you.

Important issues include:

  • What does the cleaner plan to do if he/she is unavailable for a turnover due to accident or emergency?
  • Make sure that he/she is aware of any issues with the rental, photographs any damage/excessive mess and sends them to you straight away
  • Who provides the cleaning materials and who restocks the rental with consumables? How will the finances for these be arranged?
  • What insurance does the cleaner have in the event of damage or injury?
  • Be sure that the contract restricts access to certain times. There have been horror stories about cleaners…