Cleaning recommendations for UK hosting

Hello everyone

I’m searching for recommendations of specific products for cleaning but I only found one thread with products from the US so not really helpful as I’m hosting in the UK.

  1. The most important for me is finding the best laundry detergent and softener or any other tips for washing machine and dryer. For example what temperature for sheets and what for towels? Do you use anything in the dryer…?

  2. bathroom tub cleaning. What do you use to clean the tub along with what kind of sponge?

  3. toilet bowl. Even though I bleach the toilet there seem to be some annoying stains on the bottom of the bowl. Any product recommendations for this?

  4. mirrors: what product you use for cleaning mirror and what kind of cloth?

  5. mold on bathroom tiles: any products for this problem?

  6. marks on wooden floor. Is there anyway to fix this? As it always seems that is not clean

  7. any alternatives to mop for wooden floor?

Please please if you can reccommend the specific brand of each and where to get it from.

Any reccommentations will be greatly appreciated and I’m sure there’s many hosts who also looking for this kind of threat :slight_smile:

thank you everyone in advance

You need to search this forum for cleaning products as there are many threads. One below:

Hello @Gem20

To be honest I just use the same products that I use in my home.

Why not take the same approach rather than trying to find different ones to use in your Airbnb?

  1. Laundry - personally I only wash at 40 degrees but I usually use Napisan which is a stain remover and sanitiser. I don’t have a tumble dryer. I run 2 Airbnb rooms with a pulley airer and washing line. Outside is much better for killing germs. 2) Bath - Dettol power and pure. 3) Toilet, any limescale cleaner, marks are often trapped by limescale. 4) Mirrors and shower screens, white vinegar, 5) tiles Astonish mould killer 6) Wood floors, I have a steam mop but only safe on well sealed floors. I get everything from Amazon, Tesco or discounters.

It sounds like cleaning isn’t your thing - how much experience have you had?


Hilarious :joy: Hilarious :joy:


Thanks for your response! Thats the first thread I found but the products are in the US and couldnt find the in the UK amazon store.

I will search a bit more though…

Hello @Helsi

Thanks for your response. I dont have wooden floors in my apartment and neither mold problems or toilet bowl problems. Recent guests said the towels and liners didnt smell nice so I’m thinking I’m doing something wrong even though they smelled just fine when I was putting them on.

@Debthecat sorry I dont have experience in professional cleaning theres no reason to be rude :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! I’m in the USA so my recommendations won’t be very helpful. I wouldn’t go too crazy, use what works for you as you would at home. I like Mrs Meyers products which have no chemicals. Their basil based cleaner is awesome. Don’t know if they are in the :uk:

Bleach only whitenes the mold, oil of cloves will kill it. Regarding your towels - are they rehung completely dry? If damp they can get a musty smell.
Professional cleaning is only a matter of practice, routine and equipment. Microfibres are your friend.

Thank you so much @Jess1. I’ll try all for my next check in.

@Maggieroni I spend a lot of time cleaning and sometimes nothing seems to be enough for guests! Theres so many products in the market my post was about finding the ones that work best :slight_smile:

@Debthecat yes I put the towels in the rooms when they finish from the dryer. Yes I’m practising since I have this airbnb for the past 8 months. To be honest most people leave 5* reviews but then on 2 occasions people cancelled and requested refund because they claimed it wasnt clean. Thanks for your advise for the oil I’ll try it!

I spritz my personal sheets and towels (lightly) with lavender. Smells nice and is a non-irritant to (most) skin types, even sensitive. Just a thought. And of course get them completely dry.

Towels can smell musty unless they are hot washed and scrupulously dried. Alternatively on 40 degrees I use Napisan additive in the wash, or Halo (antibacterial laundry liquid) or Dettol laundry sanitiser in the rinse. These will kill anything which would cause a musty smell.
By the way, are you airing your washing machine between uses? The door should not be left closed. Sometimes the washing machine needs a descaler or sanitiser. Use a product in a wash on its own.

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Why don’t you just get a local cleaner. Much easier if you are hosting remotely.

@Helsi cleaners cost £20 per hour and my whole apartment is priced at £60 per night for weekdays, £100 per night for friday and £200 for Saturday (approximately). They also require me to pay their parking costs while there. Most guests only stay for one night and if I cut one night stays it means I’ll have no business. Concluding that hiring cleaners is not feasible.

I live 5mins away from the property so I have no issues in doing it myself. Just wanted to get some advice on how to do it better :slight_smile:

Fair enough - my accommodation is priced much cheaper than yours. But I still use a cleaner, as my time is worth more than what I pay the cleaner :slight_smile:

I just don’t pass on all the costs to my guests but just a nominal amount. Say £10 or £20 in total.

You may not need a cleaner every time, but it’s definitely worth getting them in, particularly if you are getting marked down on cleanliness.

Have a look at Lakeland and Amazon for recommendations on products.

I don’t quite understand your comments about parking. If there is a parking cost, that should be passed onto your guests if this is a facility they want.

Where are you based by the way I only pay £10 an hour for my cleaner.

@Helsi The parking cost of the cleaners I mean. Last time they charged me £7 on top for their parking cost. Its 2 cleaners together so thats why its £20 I guess. I’m in Liverpool city centre. I will though block one day of the month now to get them in once a month for the deep cleaning.

Dettol Mould and Mildew remover is excellent. We were dismayed when our local supermarkets stopped stocking it so we tried lots of equivalent products from other brands including supermarket own-brands. None of them worked as well so now we buy the Dettol version online. Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover Spray, 750 ml, Pack of 6

Actually, I’m not sure if that’s the link we used. I’m sure my wife managed to get it cheaper than that. But anyway, that’s the right product so maybe shop around.

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