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Cleaning Person Mistake Requiring Guest Refund- Who Pays?


My cleaning lady made a mistake when resetting the access code to my unit, so when my guest showed up with instructions on how to get into unit, could not access b/c code was wrong. It was 2 hours before they were able to contact me and get into unit, and as such, I am providing some compensation for the inconvenience. My question is, should I be the one covering it, or should it be on my cleaning lady, as this was a very avoidable mistake?

guest refund, guest compensation, partial compensation, inconvenience, unit access,


This exact thing happened to me. I gave my guests a $50 refund. I payed for it, even though my cleaning person offered to pay. Its my house and my responsibility. My cleaning person gets paid for cleaning, so I don’t think their responsibility.

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