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Hey everyone, what a great forum. This is my first post but I want to say thanks for all the knowledge I have gathered already!

I have a handful of properties in London which I currently rent out and I am looking at turning them into short term lets. All is good and I have pretty much figured most things out, but there is a certain logistical puzzle I am trying to solve:


I have a small in-house team who currently manage my current portfolio and I have a cleaning company that currently do around 70 hours of cleaning for me per month. So, I have a team ready to do the work, we just need to know specifically how this works.

What I am thinking:
-The current guest checks out by 11am latest
-My cleaner gets to the property for around 11:30am
-She cleans the property
-Replaces the ‘hotel items’ (linen, shampoo etc)
-New Guest checks in for 4pm

My following questions relate to a 3 double bed, 1 lounge, 1 small kitchen, 1 bathroom property which sleeps 8 people.

  1. How long should it take a cleaner to do a ‘hotel standard’ clean considering the fact they will only be changing linen not washing it whilst in the property.
  2. What and how many ‘hotel items’ shall we provide? Obviously bed linen for the beds. Maybe something for the sofa bed? How many towels? How many toilet rolls? Shampoo/body wash/bin bags… Instant coffee, pack of tea bags…… What specially shall we get?
    3.a. I’ve heard it works out cheaper to actually hire your bed linen each time rather than buy it and pay someone to wash it. What are your experiences with that? This would a good option for me as it would save storing and collecting bed linen each time cleaners go to one of my many properties.
    3.b. Do you know of any companies in London which hire out bed linen for the above?
  3. Do you inform guests they need to empty the bin? Saving the cleaner a job. If they don’t do you take a small amount out of their deposit?

I will also be getting my cleaners to do a quick inventory each time they clean too!

I know I’m being very specific with my questions! I am a specific kind of person, and you know more than me that one needs to be very specific when running this type of business!


8 guests…1 bathroom (eek!)


[quote=“LiamSwift, post:1, topic:5573”]

  1. How long should it take a cleaner to do a ‘hotel standard’ clean considering the fact they will only be changing linen not washing it whilst in the property. [/quote]

This varies massively from place to place - the only way to find out would be to do some practice rounds.

I do sheets and pillows for every guest, no matter where they’re sleeping, a hand and bath towel per guest, and a toilet roll per guest per 3 nights. The other stuff - yes, all of it. Also: cooking oil, salt, pepper, Hand soap, dish soap, Hairdryer, Iron, Ironing board, info about the local area, guide to all equipment in the house.

No idea. Despite the lengthy discussions of bedding on this forum, my guests seem perfectly happy with ikea sheets.

Yes and no.

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I am truly serious when I say that if you can have a “portfolio” of properties in London, and a team, I’m sure you could figure out a cleaning schedule without much help from me. I can’t speak for the others.


Well I’m sure I could give some tips as I am a member of the proletariat and have a lot of experience emptying out bins. In my humble opinion, taking a bit out of their deposit would definitely be easier than simply emptying the bin yourself.

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I’m so far from owning anything like you do I can’t comment much - except to say, expecting and requiring them to empty the bins seems a way to set yourself up for frustration. In my small world that job doesn’t take any time at all, and it seems like a losing proposition to have to monitor, follow-up, dock their deposit, open up a chance for bad feelings and ‘did not/did to’ types of vibe.

Will requiring this save enough money to make it worth it?

Good luck with your rentals! Please don’t mind the wee bit of jealousy from this yank with a ‘2 bedroom semi-private apartment in the lower level of the home’. :wink:

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So, 8 people. 1 bathroom. You are really packing them in. Can’t imagine the chaos in the mornings…

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I’ve seen worse. We used to have another poster here, now known as “she who shall not be named” who has a medium size bedroom with a bed and futon but also air mattress and folding beds available. At one time her listing said “8 people.” At her rates though 8 people would be $560 and no one is going to book a single room at that rate.


I’m thinking, if I personally am booking for a group of 8 friends, 1 bathroom is just not going to cut it, unless we are all (very, very) close. I don’t have any friends that close (and I don’t want any).
Also, I do tell my guests to empty the bins but I don’t hit the deposit for that one, unless the stuff that belongs in the bins is not actually in the bins.
If it is not a same day turnover situation, whether or not it will be departure cleaned that day, somebody has to go in and assess the situation, and if necessary empty the bins.

I am glad to read that you are a very “specific” person. You see … You are in the hospitality business, now that you’re hosting. Not a single place of yours will be exactly (or specifically) the same each time. At the same time, guests comments are also not “specific” each time either. Perhaps it would be better for you not to try and automate your operation, but perhaps it might be better to apply as General Manager or as a Director of Housekeeping in a commercial hotel, were they have and obey to very “specific” (time) guidelines on how fast and super efficiently to clean a room.
Barring that, I suggest you (and we as a whole) care more about the prestine look and the ‘non-commercial hotel’ feeling that our guest seek out.

I know, yuh? I’m sure it’s chaos in the morning, noon and night.

(Just to be clear, it’s not me who is packing 8 guests in 1 bathroom…it’s the host who posted this thread.)

Hi there and congrats on deciding to switch from long-term to short-term rentals. Here are my brief and hopefully also specific answers to your specific questions. Please do share how this is going for you.

  1. 2-3 hrs
  2. Sheets, 1 towel & 1 washcloth per person. Toilet paper, paper towels, soap, toiletries, washing detergent. Also furniture and housewares obviously but not sure you considered those under the umbrella of this question.
  3. Interesting point… I’m not sure if it’s cheaper to rent bedding.
  4. No and no.

my guests use half a roll of toilet paper at one sitting. i can’t stock enough into the cupboards of the bathroom. they’re not stealing it, they use bunches.

and not only that, but every one of the women uses my white towels to take off her makeup, so i finally got a bunch of new ones and tie-tyed them all.