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Cleaning for long term?

Hello I am new to Airbnb
I am currently renting entire home to someone for 2 months. I said when they booked a cleaner would come. Do I have to ask the guest if they can come or do I say the cleaner is coming, I don’t want the house to get dirty but I also don’t know wether I can tell the guest what to do!

I can only find info about cleaning for shared spaces not entire home so is it different?

Newness rubs off after a bit. You can do whatever you want. It IS your house.

Most of us would not rent for a two month block. Depending where you are, there can be “renter’s rights” kick in at the 30 day mark, which can make it difficult to remove a guest who does not want to leave at the end of a 30 day stay…

I would have a cleaner come every other week. You don’t ASK the guest, you TELL them “the cleaner is coming Monday at 10AM, and will also change the sheets and towels.”

YES you or the cleaner changes the sheets and towels every other week. Two months on a set of sheets is ridiculously filthy!.


I have been renting out 2 my apartments in Melbourne since 2 years. Most of of my guests stay for longer terms as people who come to visit Australia from Europe, Asia or US tend to stay longer than a couple of days. I understand your dilemma between your house getting dirty and being impolite to guests, but I can assure you that nobody would not sayno to a weekly cleaning and fresh sheets. If you told them at the beginning that the cleaner would come you should not worry about it at all! I hope this helps to minimize your concern:)

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weekly cleaning it’s normal

But you can only charge the cleaning fee once using the AirBNB platform, correct? [Another real miss !]

I am in New Zealand so it’s a bit different here regarding rent rules etc. I would normally rent for 2 months but it was a trusted person, I interviewed them etc.

Thanks for the tips, instead of asking if a cleaner can come I will tell them!

Regarding changing the sheets of corse I would change them. I meant do I do it or leave the sheets out for them!

Thank you, yes good point they would probably be happy a cleaner was coming !

You are renting the home right!! So it’ll be better if you appoint a cleaning service. I have rented my home two years ago and I called one time house cleaning oakville (http://www.sunrise-cleaning.com/services/one-time-cleaning/). Some of my rooms were to be cleaned. So I showed them the rooms to be cleaned and they did what I said. The pricing was affordable too. My guests like my home and I rented them my home. After renting It’s their responsibility to clean the home. I told them that I’ll come for a monthly visit and there should not be any issues regarding cleanliness. They accepted what I said and till now my home is looking clean and tidy.

Basically, if you state so in the listing, then that is both an expectation and a right.

There are good reasons to provide cleaning for long term guests.
My usual recommendation is that once a stay get’s past the 8 day mark, you should be doing a cleaning/refresh mid stay and then weekly for longer stays. I also recommend that this be the long stay discount… Instead of getting a discount for a longer stay, you get cleanings at no additional charge.

The cleanings serve a couple purposes:

  1. guest satisfaction
  2. host satisfaction.

Making sure the guest knows someone is coming to clean, they’re less likely to make as much of a mess because they know someone’s going to be judging them along the way (not publicly, but someone’s going to see what state they have things in so they’ll usually keep things a bit more tidy). You can also catch them if they’ve smuggled in an extra person or they’re smoking in a non-smoking house, etc…

By stating in your listing that there will be weekly cleanings for longer stays, you have given yourself the right to enter the space they’re renting.

Most importantly, from the host perspective, a place that’s cleaned regularly is easy to clean. If you have a place that normally takes 90 minutes to clean, after a month long stay it will take at least double that amount of time–often more. You just have a lot more scrubbing to do since the dust and soap scum and other things built up over time.

From the guests perspective it means you care about the space and their enjoyment of it.
If they say “that’s not necessary” you say, “yes it is, Its important to me that the place be kept comfortable for you.”

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