Cleaning Fee - why no multiple fee for longer stays?


We are new to airbnb and currently charge a standard £4 cleaning fee for our guests regardless of the length of their stay. It’s not to make extra money, just cover our expenses for washing/drying…etc.

However we have the prospect of someone wanting to stay for 3 weeks which obviously means that the sheets/towels will need cleaning multiple times, however airbnb will only let me charge a one off fee.

It would be great if you could set a fee depending on the length of the stay…eg £4 per stay, with an additional £4 per week.

Has anyone found a way to overcome this?



I guess you can just add it to your weekly price?

That’s a really low cleaning fee. You just make it much more and keep it the same for all guests no matter the length of stay.

I don’t charge a cleaning fee. I just treat it as part of the ongoing operations cost and figure it into the rental price.

I don’t charge a cleaning fee either, because I realized now that I can say in my listing, “I don’t charge a cleaning fee so guests are expected to tidy in the house.” If you charge a cleaning fee, guests are going to expect it to be SPOTLESS.

This post is interesting because it has never occured to me that if get a 3 week rental i may have to clean more than once? is this your case because you are renting a room in your house or do your rent a complete flat? in my case i rent a complete flat and i leave enough towels to use and an extra set of bed sheets in the closet. if they want to clean they can use the washing machine in the building, is that wrong? (there is laundry detergent in the flat)

If a guest stays longer than 6-7 nights, I offer to vacuum, empty garbage, and of course, replace towels mid-way through their stay. I’ve never offered fresh sheets, even when stays are as long as 12 nights.

I like longer stays, however, since it simplifies logistics while bringing in quite a bit of money in one shot. So the extra vacuum and wiping of a range doesn’t bother me so much if I keep in mind that these people are paying me over $1000.

On longer stays I offer fresh linens half way through because they don’t get laundry with my place. There’s a DustBuster in the closet and cleaning supplies under the sink. They are expected to leave the apartment clean and optional cleaning during their stay is up to them.

I used to charge four pounds as well then I ran into this same issue and thought it wasn’t worth it as it assumes guests aren’t to tidy up after themselves. I added it on as an extra person fee after the first and hiked the price per night by one or two pounds.