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Cleaning fee questions for hosts


I have a three bedroom house on a farm and host all year. I do not charge a cleaning fee to keep the cost low. I have a full time care taker that come for the animals and she likes to clean. It generally takes a full day to clean but over the summer guests have gotten quite lax and I have needed to pay overtime for an extra half day. I lost the minimal tasks guests should do, but it seems to be ignored. What is the going rate and do you find it lowers bookings


I charge a cleaning fee and a damage deposit. My house rules state that the house must be left “in a neat and tidy condition”, in other words not a big mess. If my cleaners find a big mess, which has been very rare, they take pictures and text them to me. I pay them a standard rate for a typical cleaning, 5 hours. If it takes longer because of a big mess, the cleaners bill me for the extra work and I claim the extra money from the damage deposit. I use the bill for extra time as the proof.


I charge a 40 cleaning fee, but my place is only 500 sq ft and I have no stove or oven(because I didnt want to clean it!) All my guests just eat out, kitchen never dirty. BUT no matter how “tidy” they are it still takes time to do laundry and clean shower and detail the place. You have to make sure its not only clean but that there is NO hair anywhere. I use a lint roller on sheets etc and also when I vacuum the floor I keep bright lights turned on so I can see all hairs, blonde and grey hair is hard to see;a lot of hair gets stuck to the bottom of the chair legs.Even if I have the cleanest people ever it takes a minimum of 2 1/2 hrs to clean the room.I dont even care if I lose bookings I have to charge a cleaning fee; my room price is so low;only 79 for a luxury detached guest suite with sprawling private gardens and patio.Its a lot of work.I agaonized over the cleaning fee but found it didnt make much difference;I still have business.I would charge 100 if it was a house.;at least!

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