Cleaning fee included in room rate on front page

I spoke with cs yesterday asking why my listing shows $150 per night instead of $100. I was told they are now including the cleaning fee (100) and dividing it into your minimum stay. Lets say i charge 100 per night. A minimum a night stay would read 200 a night, a 2 night stay 150 a night and so on. They have not applied this to everyone. I was sent an email suggesting I lower my prices 33-43 dollars a night because my local competItion was being booked at lower prices. I looked up some local hosts and their cleaning fees are not included. If I want my nightly listing to read accurately i may have to delete the cleaning fee. Sorry so long. Ideas?

I did a search for listings in my area for specific dates. All (including mine) displayed a nightly rate for the reservation period including a pro-rated cleaning fee. If the search is “browse” without dates, the cleaning fee isn’t included in the nightly rate. I’m glad to see this change. A few months ago, I snooped the competition’s listings and saw several with very low nightly rates and HUGE cleaning fees. It appears they are luring guests with artificially low rates.


My personal concern is that I seem to be the only one in my immediate area
who has been affected by this. Airbnb is sending me emails suggesting that
I lower my rates drastically because my pricing is too high and that people
are booking elsewhere in my area. It would not be to high if others
cleaning fees were included. I either drop my cleaning fees or drop my
rates to $60 a night and get rid of the breakfast, welcome baskets and wine.
What’s the point?

This is how it’s always been in my experience. The headline rate on the search against certain dates always contains the prorated cleaning fee embedded, like @Annet3176 says.

If you read relevant threads on this forum – and much of this has been discussed at length – you’ll see that Airbnb does this from time to time and can be ignored - if you’re getting the volume of bookings you want. Look them up.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this cleaning fee. I currently don’t charge one, I feel that people (most) leave my home very clean and I worry if I charge the fee, it won’t be the same. I do pay a cleaner $50 per ‘flip’ and it would be nice to recoup some of that. When Air shows the pro-rated nightly rate now, does the guest know there is a cleaning fee added in? I’m booked solid all summer long & my cleaner did quite well, charging a fee would put $1,000 more in my pocket over the 3 months my place is rented. Thanks, sorry it’s a bit off topic.