Cleaning fee added in resolution center after stay

I would like to hear your thoughts on this. As the Airbnb flat that I am managing (two bedroom flat) doesn’t charge cleaning fee, but…

In the house rules it says:
“I don’t have any cleaning fee and expect guests to tidy and clean after themselves, so please leave the apartment like you found it.”

And when the guests arrive this is what it says on the printed out house rules in the flat:
“I don’t have any cleaning fee and expect guests to tidy and clean after themselves, so please leave the apartment like you found it.
– Of course if you don’t want to clean – or you don’t have the time – just leave €40 on the table in the Kitchen.”

What do you think – If guests do not clean (dirty floors and dirty toilet for instance) but otherwise leave the apartment tidy and don’t leave the cleaning fee cash – wouldn’t it be justifiable to add the cleaning fee afterwards using the resolution center?

I would never rent an appartment if i had to clean floors and toilet after my stay. I am on vacation, why should i clean. leave appartment as you found it does not mean to clean it to the condition it was when a guest moves in, it means not to destroy anything and not leave garbage everywhere.
I think the idea of asking a guest to leave 40E is not realistic and also ask guests to actually clean to the point that you dont have to do any cleaning is unrealistic also. Either include cleaning in your rate or charge separate for it.
I dont think if you bring it to resolution center they will refund your cleaning fee.


Can you clarify, I was not talking about a refund?

Not refund, sorry, but to pay you for cleaning after the fact. They might pay you if the cleaning was out of ordinary:incredible mess is left, piles of garbage everywhere, soiled sheets, or dirty stove tot he point thats its easier to buy a new one than clean. For cleaning that intsead of regular 2-3 hours it took 8-10. But regular cleaning should be somehow included or charged for ahead of time

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Thank you very much for your input.

It may help to specify what it is you want them to do to avoid the fee, lest your guests be confused and think they are supposed to completely polish the place before leaving, and potentially leading them to believe that you don’t clean so their clean space is completely dependent on the standards of the last guest.

For example, you may say please leave trash in the bags provided and place it by the door, etc.

Otherwise, as a guest, my mind would be off to the races thinking what corners a previous guest might have cut (not washing sheets, etc.).


Very very bad idea. Get the cleaning fee up front! It’s for the guests coming in, not the guest leaving. Guests won’t balk at a cleaning fee. Charge it up front and you won’t have to deal with this nonsense. But if you are not the owner here, it might be out of your control.

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Don’t take this to resolution!! That’s for damage claims, and will truly annoy your guests… Get it up front and you won’t even have to think about cleaning or collecting after the fact.

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I’m not sure you can. I would ring and discuss with Air.

Agree. Air won’t side with that. It’s bad business. Charge it up front or eat the cleaning fee yourself. Don’t do that to guests. If someone took me to resolution for a cleaning fee that should have been charged up front, I’d be pissed off to say the least!