Cleaning expectations of guests? advice

what are the/if any cleaning expectations of guests. my last guest left the floors and carpets very dirty, not stains but food crumbs, dirt etc, this hasnt happened before, it is easily cleaned with a vacuum, i leave broom, vacuum, mop.

is giving them 4 stars for cleanliness ok? or is leaving the floors like that expected and part of the cleaner fee?

Some guests are pigs!
Some see the cleaning fee as cleaning up after them.
Other guests treat your space with respect.
I leave cleaning equipment available and only once has someone used a broom. One of the reasons I loathe hosting small children is the traces of stickyness at their level which is everywhere!

Guests are really different, I had guests left the house really messy, dirts and food crumbles everywhere, unwashed dishes, stains on carpets, towels, etc. so it happens, not too frequent but it happened a few times. I had to spend more than double the time or pay extra to my cleaner (if I use cleaner that time), and because of this, I had to give them 3 stars on cleanliness. I did it about three times out of approximately 25 groups. Most guests are normal, and they usually leave a bit of mess here and there but since many are like that, I think I should call it normal.
The best thing is some guests (4 groups I can remember so far) are really clean and left my house almost spotless! It was clear to me they cleaned the house before they leave.
So to give a better idea, the really clean ones I spent at most 2 hours in cleaning (just cleaning, no laundry or bed making), the average ones I usually spend 3-4 hours and the really bad ones I have to spend up to 8 hours (I had to call someone to help me once because it was a same day turnover).
I guess there isn’t a standard expectation because Airbnb has not set up some guideline to guests and tell them how clean they are supposed to leave the space (I may be wrong?) From my experience, the really messy and really clean ones are small portion while the rest majority are in the middle (kinda like normal distribution in statistics). If you really don’t want to accept guests with below average cleanliness, just be careful when selecting them, if previous hosts don’t mention clean and tidy, the guests is probably a messy one.


You can’t expect guests to clean, any more than you can expect them to read!

That being said, we’ve never had messy or dirty guests – the closest was a recent pair of young ladies who left a sink full of dirty dishes after a one night stay. We’ve had guests leave a lot of trash, but nicely bagged.

I consider trssh and dirt from foot traffic a normal part of hosting. I do not expect my guests tto clean.

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Hair, dust, dirt on the floor, fingerprints on the microwave, stains on bedsheets are normal. If guests leave crumbs, stains, smears, pee all over the toilet, etc I give 4 stars. I assume if I don’t see those things the guest made an effort to clean up after themselves. I had a guest this week that left something smeared/splashed on the wall that I assume was canned cat food. 4 stars.

What is 5 stars for if everyone gets 5 stars? I’ve never given less than 4 stars though.

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I have to mop and vacuum anyway so crumbs don’t bother me. What does bother me are things that take extra time, like dirty dishes, makeup on bath or hand towels, etc. I wouldn’t leave les than 5 stars just for crumbs.


Crumbs attract ants and roaches. I could make a rule of “no food in the room” (not really enforceable and would lose me business) or I can ask people to keep the room somewhat free of insect bait. When I stay somewhere I keep the room picked up I don’t care if it’s someone’s home or the Hyatt. That’s 5 stars. Leaving half full coffee cups sitting around and crumbs in the bed is 4 star. Puking all over the bathroom and leaving it or walking in muddy boots on the carpet is 1 star. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I would give them a 3 = Average for cleanliness. 4 stars = Great which they weren’t.

You make trash? You take it. I’m a home, not a hotel. Guests MUST remove their trash from the property. I’ve had some who think leaving it in the carport is removing it.

Clean your kitchen mess or be marked down for it. Your mother doesn’t live here.

A few crumbs here and there are okay. But not trash or dirty dishes.

I have a very concise check in and check out list that I send with a contract when the guest books and I also leave a copy of the check in list and check out list in my house. I have only hosted about 10 guests so far. When I walk in after my guests have checked out, I always brace myself or the worst but so far, each guest has followed my check out list and left my house in great condition. Here is what I have on my check out list. Feel free to use any/all of this for your own check out list:

                                         Check Out Checklist

I hope you have enjoyed your stay! Please leave my house in the general good condition I handed it over to you and follow the checkout procedure. This will assure that you receive your full security deposit back. Thanks so much for choosing to stay in my home!

o Place all dishes in dishwasher, hand wash wine glasses and pots and pans. Hand washed items may be left in dish rack to dry. Rack is under sink. Do NOT place plastic GoVino wine glasses in dish washer. They will melt and they aren’t cheap!

o Return all of books and games to the location you found them

o Place all garbage in garbage bin under sink

o Eco-friendly household! Place all recyclables (rinsed out glass, plastic bottles, cans, cardboard and paper free from food contamination) in yellow bin in kitchen closet

o Place all used towels in blue hamper and leave unused towels hanging on racks or folded on shelves

o If you used the patio, please be sure any garbage and dishes are brought in and any moved furniture returned to where it was when you arrived

o Turn off all lights

o Turn thermostat to 68 degrees

o Be sure to triple check for all belongings, including phone chargers

o Be sure ALL doors and windows are closed and locked

o Please text me when you have left

o When you exit and shut the front door, touch the Schlage keypad on the top of keypad and wait to listen for the lock to engage and please text me when you have checked out.

Have a safe journey home!

Kind regards,


Airbnb suggests that guests ‘leave the place as they found it’ but I never expect this. However 99% of guests leave the place in good condition - good enough to be cleaned for a same day turnover quite quickly.

I have tile and not carpet but guests often leave crumbs. (Popcorn under the sofa tends to be a thing). I really don’t expect them not to. And when it’s raining, the tile floor gets dirty too but I have to vacuum it and wash it between every group of guests anyway so a little extra doesn’t matter.