Cleaning during a longer stay?

I have a few upcoming bookings for longer stays, the shortest being 11 days. I’m wondering whether or not I should offer an additional cleaning during their stay. If so, how often? I only charge a $25 cleaning fee to help encourage short stays, plus there are cleaning supplies, extra linens and a washer/dryer in the unit. If you do offer a cleaning during their stay, how do you arrange it with your guests?

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I always clean every 7 days. I want to be able to keep an eye on my property.

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Standard is for you to clean and replace towels and linens every seven days.

That’s why I only offer a small discount for longer stays,

Most people factor in the weekly clean costs into their daily rate.

I have a shared space so I normally agree a time with them to do it.

I would have it in your guest book as to when this will happen.

I ask people when they arrive here, if the stay is a longer one. Which is not commonly the case.

Most people are fine with a week. I’ve also given a week as the normal cleaning interval in my guest guide. I’d do more frequent cleanings if people want, though anything more frequent than 4 days apart is probably unnecessary.

Here is what I have in my guest guide, though I doubt most people read it that carefully.

For stays longer than a week, the room will be cleaned weekly. More frequent cleanings should be possible if you wish; let us know.

It sounds like your listing might be stand alone so my advice would be, if you have a washer and dryer and vac on site, guests are responsible for themselves, unless it’s a high end abode.

If like me it’s a room in your home, I no longer offer to clean the room as whenever I did, people left it so filthy and bags and crap all over the beds it took me all day moving stuff about and I actually hurt my back lifting bags. I also got resentful guests disrespected me so much to leave it like that when I left clear instructions. Now, I offer towels and sheet change each week and offer to change the sheets at a set time if they want and the beds and floor space are completely clear for me. If not, they can change with the sheets I give them and leave the dirty ones for me that night and I’ll remove and wash.

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I agree it sounds like you have a self contained space, so guests can be responsible for their own cleaning unless they are paying an exorbitant price.

I let a room in my home, and for any stay longer that 28 days, my price is low enough that they can do their own laundry and change their own sheets. They have easy access to the washer and dryer and I show them where the extra sheets and towels are. They have cleaning supplies in their room and know where to find the vacuum. So far for me, this has worked out fine. Even after 4 months, when people leave, things are not too bad.


I Require a paid cleaning every 7 nights.


How do you charge them? Do you just send a request for additional funds?

I give a discount for a longer stay, which means I don’t do extra cleaning. There is laundry on site if they ever want to launder their towels or sheets.

I do, however, offer additional cleaning for a fee - as often as they want - daily, weekly bi-weekly. I always offer it to them, but nobody has ever taken me up on it.

I don’t offer any additional cleaning services, but I do always check in with them to see how they are doing in terms of towels since all of my guests have been really messy.


We do a “room refresh” in the middle of the stay for guests who are there a week or more. This includes a light cleaning, and change of towels and bed linen, though not always duvet covers. I just tell the guests what day I’m going to do it, and try to do it while they are out or at least by the pool. I like to know the apartments are being kept in order, and guests really seem to appreciate coming back to a nice clean space. I don’t charge extra, but then, I don’t charge a separate cleaning fee at all. We were very used to daily cleaning when we ran a “traditional” B&B so it doesn’t seem to much of a chore to us!

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