"cleaning" company and Hey Tom - avoid at all costs

Just inspected the final check out clean and horror of horrors. Many things were broken and none reported. Manager, Hey Tom pinned it all down to building quality not being up to par. The “clean” was also a travesty. The only thing they did was vacumm the floor. They didn’t wipe the visible surfaces. Washing machine had detergent powder on the floor and a slip of tongue revealed they don’t even launder the sheets. They just slip on new ones for every guest, with visible creases. This “cleaning” company charges $140. Thank God I fired Hey Tom early. Low room rates., Poor maintenance and high repair costs. Always inspect your cleaners job regularly!

they don’t launder the sheets? Where do they get the new ones to slip on, from?

This must be every remote hosts fear

They just buy new ones and throw away the old ones. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Absolutely disgusting.

THAT’s why they charge $140!! You’re paying for all those new sheets!!


Well in terms of the sheets not disgusting, just wasteful. Your guests still have clean sheets each stay. Was there nothing in your contract with them that said they replaced bedding rather than laundering it?

Sorry you had such a difficult experience.

What sort of references/checks did you do before employing this company.

That’s a shame. I’ve seen the Hey Tom ads and they have a very professional-appearing media presence. Those poor guests – think of the cheap scratchy sheets they are getting!

Yes. I bought into the media without conducting proper due diligence. Whole experience has been horrible. The damages to the house and the blatent blame shifting plus ridiculous management fees . Shame on them.

Should have done my due diligence. The new sheets weren’t even washed , clearly just taken out of the package. From what I’ve seen, it’s just vacuuming and replacing sheets. They didn’t even do a proper vacuuming job and used the house vacuum (for guests) instead of their own vacuum. I can do this for $40. Not $140.

It should be outlined in your contract with them @Daniel as to what you are getting for your $140 cleaning fee.

If you know they aren’t delivering in line with what is specified in your contract, then you can ask for compensation.

I’m happy to just get rid of them, considering the damages are still minor to date. I’m just glad I took over before the damages escalate. They are good at getting five star reviews, at my own cost. By giving ridiculous prices, skimping on maintenance and pushing owners to absorb damages. Their intial selling point was that damages are shared costs . I see very little of these initial promises.