Cleaning checklist in English

Can anyone send me an English version of the Airbnb cleaning checklist pdf, the one you leave in the listing with space for the date and the name of the person who cleaned? If so can you PM me and I’ll give you my email address.

Mine is in Spanish, but I need an English version also. I’ve hunted high and low on the site but can only download a Spanish version and at this moment can’t be bothered making my own :grinning:

Just in case anyone thinks I’m merely trying to circumvent doing the quiz, this is what I have just now:



Here’s what Airbnb gave us…



Well, the funny old thing is that I don’t need Google translate, just by chance I happen to speak Spanish. I’ve found it a great help, living here in Spain for the past few years.

Original request still stands.



Thanks @bigappledude, that’s exactly what I was after. Cheers!

Although how the hell this manages to be in English, when if I follow the same link from my PC, its in Spanish.



Because your listing is in Spain you will get stuff in Spanish, we get it in English because our listings are in English speaking countries @JohnF

Glad you got it sorted.

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You can get this in PDF format in various languages. cleaning/edu

(remove the space) cleaning/handbook

(remove the space in the URL)

This forum doesn’t allow PDF attachments. I’ve attached a couple of screen prints (unframed / framed) so that you have the verbiage :wink: in English

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Thank you all, we are now sorted.

Don’t suppose anyone’s got any spare guests kicking about?


Still getting plenty via TripAdvisor, even though a) they should know B&Bs are still closed in the UK b) We are closed on all our sites via Lodgify.

What is it with TA that people are so bloody rude when they enquire? And they are the world’s worst at (not) reading a listing. I usually get so few enquiries from them that I forget the listing even exists. Of the few that I’ve actually taken, they’ve either been horrible - I kicked one couple out, after they locked other guests out of the house.

Or mad/eccentric.

One elderly woman arrived in a panic, having lost her husband who had been deer stalking in Scotland without his phone. She had not been able to contact him for three days, and didn’t know if he knew where to come to from the station. He eventually arrived well after midnight; I saw a taxi go past and found him banging on my only rival’s front door, who was not amused. She is generally not amused at the best of times. Fortunately, she was so taken aback by the appearance of a 6’ 6’’ elderly gentleman in plus fours and Sherlock hat, that she was speechless.


I know. The problem I had was that you can only access the checklist etc while logged in and after doing so, they only provide a Spanish version, with no alternative language listed.

All in all, pure laziness on my part :grinning: as it wouldn’t have taken that long to do my own.

We never got so much as a sniff from TA. Took listings down after eight or nine months.


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