Cleaning (check everywhere)

My worst guest left me a suprise which thankfully subsequent guest didn’t find. When I started, I took an experienced host’s advise to check under the beds for things like pizza and although I thought the advise was overkill - I took it to heart and always checked under beds, oven, drawers, etc.

Now I will add my upper cabinets after seeing paper towel peaking out a tiny bit. I tugged on the paper towel until I saw grease. At that point I grabbed a chair to get a better look and found this grenade waiting for me.

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Someone left a used sanitary product in our bedside cabinet, stuck it to the back of the drawer and just left it there, no wrapping, no nothing…people have left exploded beer bottles in our freezer, open containers of yoghurt under the bed, and even prescription opiates under the kids bed!!! I agree, check everywhere!!!

Was this the gun shooting wedding group??


@cabinhost Ding ding ding … that’s the one.

Pizza or pizza sauce was on the deck, wood floors, a large 10x14 Oriental rug, table, tile bar, baked in bottom of oven, spread across and baked on oven rack, cook top, counters, on a ruined kitchen towel, smeared on dozens of silverware in the “clean” silverware drawer, on the wine opener (also in the silverware drawer), on 3 hot pads/mitts, concealed under 1 clean napkin were 35 soiled napkins, and…hidden in the top kitchen cabinet.

But…on the bright side…not under the bed!

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If I had their home address, it would be tempting to ship it back as an item they forgot to take with them :joy:


The guest lives with his mom.

I remote host a beach cottage in South Carolina. I visit my place Spring and Fall. It is ALWAYS a working vacation! Including checking everywhere for whatever.

On a visit a few years ago my wife told me she forgot to bring a pencil sharpener and asked if I had one. I did not. A few minutes later my pen rolled off the coffee table I was using as a desk and went under the couch I was sitting on. I couldn’t reach it so I got the tip of my fishing rod to sweep under the couch. Out came the pen and a pencil sharpener a guest had lost under there. My wife was like WTH?

Over the years, I’ve found many other mundane items as well (no pizza, yet), but that pencil sharpener stands out as a request to the universe, granted.


I just had 3 young girls from London staying in my apartment. They stayed 3 nights and I was horrified how much mess they were able to produce! I have already learned from previous experiences to check everywhere and to especially check dishes in the cabinets! People do not know how to wash dishes. These girls went beyond and hid DIRTY dishes around the kitchen !! :roll_eyes: Disgusting.

There were some “washed” dishes but I had to re-wash anyway. I do not have a dishwasher so I guess people are just not used to hand wash dishes anymore? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: There were tons of crumbs all around the apartment. Like hell a lot of crumbs. They sent me a message that they had to leave in a rush and sorry to leave a mess after breakfast. But this was the whole 3-day mess in the kitchen. I really do not expect people to put the apartment in a perfect condition but there are some limits.
They were nice but now I keep thinking how to write a review. Nothing is missing, nothing was broken but if they book again I would decline the booking because of that mess. It took me over 4hrs to put it back to normal…normally I can do it around 3hrs, it’s a small apartment.

I normally live in the apartment when I do not have a booking.

Dock them stars on cleanliness and mention it in the review. Dirty dishes hidden in cabinets is absolutely unacceptable and it is done on purpose.

Charge. Him. charge him more than the damage. I charged a woman who was my worst guest ever $200 because she got period blood all over my sheets, towels and couch— as well as on the toilet and bathroom floor. I easily cleaned it myself, but she deserved it for being gross.

Any grease stains on any of my upholstery or carpeting warrant an automatic $120 cleaning fee. Any stains on my comforter warrant a $50 fee.

You don’t think that’s harsh? Do you have a budget listing? Is that why?