Cleaning app for your Airbnb

I had to share this with you guys, just used this app called Maidsapp which is said to say is only in Los Angeles area for now to get a cleaner on demand when my cleaner never showed up and I had to get my place ready for guest coming in , my cleaner arrived in 45 minutes, was totally amazed, download the app and have it just in case you run into your cleaner canceling on you last minute or to find new cleaners for your place in seconds.

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tell us, is this your app?

I wish it was my App, just used them once and had a good experience, thought I would share it with the Airbnb community because I ran into a lot of problems finding cleaner’s.

I wish they had an app that is not limited to one city.

Yes I’m lucky we have Maidsapp here in Los Angeles

So joined here 1 day ago, and your first post is an advertisement for an app???

SPAM please someone delete this topic!!

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I’m not bothered by this being possibly spam…

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Locally, an app called TaskRabbit offers on-demand (in as little as an hour) or scheduled cleaning.

Hi Chris I don’t know why your so bothered with my post, it can be really helpful for people who are in need of last minute service, it’s not advertisement.

I didn’t know, I searched for maid service on the App Store and the first thing that popped up was Maidsapp but I will download that app and check it out . Thank you

Stop lying.
It is Advertisement for your or your friends company. (A simple Whois shows this already)
The image you post is nowhere to bee seen on the site itself…

On top of that I would not trust your service at all.
The website is not finished, missing a lot of data. A lot of inconsistencies between the information in the Whois and the information on the site.


Going to report a user that has been here much longer than you have? If it’s not you, you should google your name sometime, see what comes up, and then when you post on message boards, use a different name. Doesn’t everyone sometimes google their own name to see just what is out there in the internets about them??? Glad though that you didn’t think of that before posting!

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I did, turns out I am a hurricane (first name) that destroyed some bay in South America (last name). It was awesome.


Hello. I live on Miami Beach/New York City and I’m an Airbnb Host with a NATIONAL cleaning company that caters to the vacation home rental industry (Airbnb Hosts): Simply text 877-411-MAID (6243) to book a cleaning appointment. 411-MAID is a text on-demand referral service for maids and home cleaners. We work with the top cleaning companies in Miami to bring you 411-MAID services. We are Licensed, Bonded and

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