Cleaner laundry services

For any hosts that have laundry/linen services, how does the routine generally go for your airbnb? Does your cleaner wait until the full cycles of the washer and dryer are done?. Do they leave and come back?

It would really depend on what you pay them your cleaner to do and how long they are at your property for.

My cleaner puts the wash in, puts it out on the dryer and then I put it away when it’s dry. I don’t have a separate laundry/linen service.

If you want a cleaner to wait until the full cycle is done or for them to come back you will need to pay for their time.

When I am hosting remotely, I pick a day that has reoccurring check ins (usually each month has at least one day where a check in occurs regularly) and just book a double appointment with my house keeper and have her do all of the linens.

When I’m in town I do them myself, as well as try to do as many of the cleanings as I can to save $$

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That sounds like a good idea.

We are new to airbnb and hired a property manager.
We have 12 person house with 7 beds. It’s a lot of laundry and she takes it home and wants to use our small washer and dryer we have for our guests.
The problem is she raised her cleaning fee and I feel like she might again because of laundry.
Isn’t it easier to take it to a laundromat that has high capacity washers and just do it in 2 or 3 loads? Our house is about 2100 sq.ft. so it’s not huge.

Are you close? Can you manage the laundry side of it? Do you have enough linen so the change overs aren’t delayed by a lack?
When I do the turn overs I wash on site and line dry, but I live over the road.

We have a property manager and she hired a cleaner to take care of all that. We hired so we don’t have to take care of it ourselves. We have an extra set so it should be fine. I was just wondering what people did if they didn’t do the cleaning on their own.

We don’t live that nearby as well. Another reason we are getting a property manager.

I call myself the most expensive cleaner in town! As I dont have a mortgage…it is all profit! How much does the property manager plus cleaner chew into your profits?

Cleaning fee is separate. PM takes 20%

We do our own cleaning but drop off the linens at a wash and fold. It’s cheaper than the utilities of doing it at home and then when you add time and effort, it’s a hell of a deal. We used to waste so much time doing laundry. I definitely wouldn’t pay a cleaner to do the laundry. I’m not sure what you’re paying them but even if it is unscrupulously low, it is still cheaper to do wash and fold.

Ahhh,thank you for chiming in and this is exactly what we were wondering. We visited 3 laundromats near the rental. We found a cleaner with a lower price and will see if she will keep that price. The lowest per pound was 1.25 so far.

JJD, it looks like wash and folds generally charge by weight. Do you have a sense of how many pounds you wash per bedroom/guest for a stay?

It’s about 10-12 lbs for one bed/one bath/2 people. Right now we only have a studio open. It’s a queen bed with 5 pillows and a duvet. So for 2 queen sheets, 1 queen duvet cover, 5 pillowcases and towel use by 2 people it’s 10-12 lbs, which is about $12 for us. We get a discount for being repeat customers and get every 10th wash for free.

We used to have 2 2-bedrooms plus the studio and when we had to wash for all 5 beds and towels for all 3 apartments the bill would be about $37 (which is 36/37 lbs for us), so I think the 12 lbs/bed is a pretty good standard assuming 2 people in each bed (for towel use).

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Our cleaner has a flat sheet under the duvet and folded over. Do you take off the duvet still after each stay?

Yes. People sit naked on duvet covers, throw them on the floor, have sex on top of them, stick their hot sweaty feet out from under them, sneeze on them, etc.

Of course! Yuk, what a nasty thought. Please search the forum for one of the many duvet debates.