Clarification of cancellation policy for hosts

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As I understand it - as a superhost we can cancel any bookings made prior to 14 March with a start date of 14 March to 31 May without penalty.
Does this mean that those dates will be blocked in my calendar???
The reason why I am asking is that I have 3 upcoming bookings made last year / early this year. Two of them have indicated they won’t be coming and want to cancel but for whatever reason they haven’t done so. The other one is travelling from overseas and I know won’t be able to arrive either. I have messaged all about cancelling but so far the bookings have remained.
I have someone booked for 3 weeks who wishes to stay for several months. However, they can’t actually book it until these bookings are cleared. I am happy to cancel at my end but am worried the dates will be blocked if I do (which I think is standard practice).
I’ve read over the cancelation policy and I can’t find anything about it. I know my superhost status isn’t going to be affected.
I guess I’m just being over cautious.
Will I be able to rebook guests if I cancel the ones who say they are not coming?

Thanks a million

I would cancel the reservations then book the current guest directly. I would not use Air for longer term bookings.


OK Thanks. I was thinking of getting himto just pay me diectly 2 weeks in advance just straight into my bank account…Its obviously more risky as there are no rental protections for me this way (must be over 3 months to sign a proper lease ) but the way thibgs are atm there is uncertainty in every direction anyway.

there is a boarder style agreement in NSW

No, the dates won’t be blocked. They will be completely penalty-free cancellations. When you do the cancellation, the system will actually give you the option of blocking the dates or not - your choice.

I would call Customer service to have them cancel. I am not confident you won’t be dinged for using the website to cancel.

I just cancelled a guest a few days ago. He booked before Mar 14 and was booked for May 20. When I clicked “cancel or change this reservation”, a big banner came up that said "This is a penalty free cancellation due to covid 19… " and there was a box to tick as to whether I wanted the dates to be blocked or available.