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Claiming air bnb on your taxes in Canada


I am new to air bnb and wondering about taxes. Does air bnb report everyone who hosts to CRA, or are we just responsible to put it on our taxes?


Talk to AirBnb – not us. We’re hosts not international tax consultants…


This is a very basic question. Look it up on their Tax FAQs.


Thanks for your super American responce. There is MANY form that ask such questions. A tax consultant and air bnb suggested I talk with other hosts.


Hello @ChantelleL

I am sorry for the less than welcoming response.

However, I am very surprised that when you called Airbnb, they told you to ask your fellow hosts, when it already has information about this on it’s own Help Centre.


You will of course remain liable for your own personal taxes.


This doesn’t sound right. I would go to another tax professional if I got advice like that.


Canada’s income tax is self-reporting. It’s up to Canadian hosts to report their Airbnb income to the CRA. At the end of the year, Airbnb provides a statement that you can submit with your income tax return.

Of late, the CRA has made some changes in terms of how they are approaching what can be written off, etc. and I strongly recommend giving them a call when in doubt.


As for Vancouver, Airbnb have agreed to provide authorities with a database of all their listings – along with the address and licence status:

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