Claiming against Taxable income UK

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New to this forum so I apologise if this has already been covered.

I am looking to complete my first tax return in the UK since having a property listed on Airbnb and will need to list my income. Since buying the property (which is an additional home) we have had various expenses such as replacing the boiler, shower and linen. Has anyone got experience of being able to claim expenses against their TAX return?
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Speak to an accountant, even if it’s only for doing your first return. Then you’ll be aware of what you can, and can’t offset.


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Have a look at the HMRC site it gives you a list of of items you can claim taxes against. @HeidiB

If you aren’t familiar with doing your return and what you can claim against, I would get an accountant and ask them the best way for you to set this up.

Have you also spoken to your local council about business rates as you are using the listing for commercial use? And for a commercial bin collection service?