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City requiring a sprinker system

I rent out a master bedroom in my basement through Airbnb, in Washington state, U.S. When I applied for a business license with my city, I received a call stating that I would need to install a sprinkler system. I wasn’t sure what to say so just listened, too stunned to respond. The next week I received a letter restating the requirements.

I need some advice on how to proceed. I have no experience working with city government and am concerned that I may inadvertently say the wrong thing if I go in and speak with them about this. I know they’re requiring this based on the hotel code as there are no requirements in the municipal code for Airbnb’s and I am the first in this city.

Has anyone else been required to install a sprinkler system? Is it possible that I don’t actually need a business license to run my Airbnb?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @rlhath2,

What city are you located in? Or would you prefer not to say?

I don’t have any actual advice for you, but wouldn’t a competent local professional like an accountant or a lawyer be a better person to talk to about this?

One obvious suggestion: if a bureaucrat tells you something or the other is needed/required, always ask for a reference to the relevant legal documentation.

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