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City ordinance, what can I do about that?


So I bought this house a HUD foreclosure that I’m remodeling and pouring lots of money in order to make it my 3rd Airbnb listing here in Ypsilanti Township 48197 ( my first 2 are in Amman/Jordan) , only to discover today that I can’t live in the house and rent the other 2 bedrooms, is there any workaround for this, the city said there’s an ordinance that single family houses in this area can’t be rented as BNB. I wanna change that somehow, will I have to give up on my plan/dreams? , or do I have to wait until I get the certificate of occupancy first and then do whatever I want later ?



I wonder if you could share title with someone who lives in the house for the required time. I’d consult an attorney.

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