City of Victoria, British Columbia working with AirBnB

Acknowledging the economic and social benefits of this activity, City leaders outlined steps to revise and streamline policies around short-term rentals and harness these benefits. Stating that “Models like Airbnb appear to be here to stay,” the City identified areas where we can work together moving forward, including:

  1. Looking to adapt and evolve as and where necessary the wording of our relevant zoning and bylaws [to] cover the needs of those home owners providing their homes for short term rentals through sites such as Airbnb

  2. Working to ensure a more even playing field for short term accommodations by evolving towards a fair taxation approach

  3. Working to ensure that Airbnb listings are available for emergency accommodations if required in the event of a disaster

  4. Shared promotion of the city and neighbourhoods and local businesses as a leading tourist destination.

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