City Hosts While Hosting. Is this possible?

Airbnb on today’s open it’s planning to introduce City Hosts (already in Beta) that is aimed to let us get an extra income by organizing tours. I believe it is a great idea but I wonder how could we make this fit with our already time-consuming host’s job.

Well I guess each host will decide whether they want to do it and whether financially it is worth their while. This will include whether you feel you have the time to do it.

I already juggle my BNB, life as a single parent and a demanding full time job - so not likely to appeal to me.

I can’t see any money I would earn would equal anything like what I can earn from the work I already do.


You’d have to make it fit into your schedule. If you don’t have a regular job but are an Air host, this could work for some people. I’m a host who’s presently not working, so I could carve out a few hours in an afternoon, morning or evening for that matter, and take a group on a boat trip to Catalina Island or on a pub crawl to some local craft breweries.

However, if you’ve got multiple properties you “host”, you would have to spread yourself pretty thin if you also wanted to be a tour guide.


I’m trying an experience in LA so I’all feed back. Off to get registered for Open !


Get Kim Kardashian’s autograph if you can! :)))

Have fun - @Zandra how’s it going with sorting yourself a nice, safer property. Has BNB helped resolve this as yet?

Please report back!! I would LOVE to hear about, as I think we could offer something great in SF.