‘City’ field automatically changed to incorrect location

Hi there, I created a listing and gave my exact address but every time I hit save, my city changes to ‘Highland Council’ instead of Dornoch. Any ideas on how to solve this?! My address comes up as an option when I type it in so I don’t know why Airbnb is changing it to highland council other than that postcode being associated to that council area? Other listings clearly show location as Dornoch but mine is Highland Council.

What have Airbnb said about this problem?

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I agree with @jaquo for technical issues Airbnb are your go to contacts.

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This is something only Airbnb can fix in their glitch-filled coding nightmare of a site.

I suspect that they use a postcode lookup to populate the city name. If your postcode is in their system as ‘Highland Council’ that’s what it will re-populate.

It’ll be best to get Airbnb to fix the glitch, but be prepared for this to be a long and frustrating process.

The simplest thing may be to look up postcodes normally associated with Dornoch and try one of them. Make sure your location is showing correctly on the map before making your listing live so you don’t confuse or mislead guests.

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