Cigarette Smoke Detectors

I keep having issues with guests smoking in my rental, an in-law unit in my house. My rules clearly state no smoking, but people seem to like ignoring this detail.

I’d like to make enforcement easier. Does anyone know of a cigarette smoke detector that can be installed in a unit? Either one that sounds a loud smoke-detector-like alarm noise, or one that alerts me via text or Internet. Apparently in the UK there are some available, but I’m in the US. There’s also this thing: But I don’t think it’s out yet and I can’t find any hands-on reviews confirming that it works.


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I am not sure that you actually need to HAVE this item. Just put in your listing that you have one installed, and the smokers who plan to sneak a cigarette or any other kind of smoke, will not book.


I don’t know of effective detectors but I’d put in my listing rules that smokers will pay a penalty up to and including canceling their reservation as a possible deterrent. Let us know if you find a detector that works.

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Doesn’t a regular smoke alarm work? I’m sure that in days gone by I’ve set them off with smoking. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone smoke in our rental. I say ‘think’ because I smoke so might not smell it but no guests have ever commented on a smoke smell so I’m pretty sure I’m right.

We do tell guests where they can smoke though (outside) and there’s a table and chairs plus ash can there. If you have a frequent problem with smokers, can you do something similar?

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Oh that’s a good idea.

I have regular smoke and CO alarms in the unit. They don’t go off for cig smoke.

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How is that possible? Doesn’t smoke=smoke and therefore trigger the alarm? Are you telling me that all this time I’ve been hanging out of the window in hotels having a sly puff was wasted??


Not wasted exactly because cig smoke stinks and it lingers. So if housekeeping comes in your room and smells smoke or the guest in the next room calls down to the front desk you might get penalized.

Note: I realize you may be having a sly chuckle but it your comment is in earnest…

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Let me know if you set off a hotel smoke detector, and what kind it is, so I can get one!

What kind do they have in the airplane lavatory? LOL.

@KKC Exactly! I need to get one of those.

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my smoke detector went off when I sprayed febreeze in the room! But they wouldn’t detect cig smoke?

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Found several specific cigarette/marijuana smoke detectors available online since last year:

and more. Not necessarily cheap, but there you are.

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Thanks! These guys seem to want to make buying it into a sales process. “We do not provide a comprehensive price list on the web.” Ugh. Too quaint. Might ask anyway.

I was only half serious 'tis true :slight_smile: I would never smoke indoors anywhere, not even a cheap and nasty hotel. It leaves a truly disgusting smell and even as a smoker I would not sleep in a smoking room. I’ve nearly quit now, thanks to vaping.

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I know the original post is old and I am not asking about an Air BNB but just real quick. I am a former smoker (I have been smoke free 10 years) and moved into a smoke free senior citizens apartment . We enter from common halls (no outdoor doors) and it is a HUD building. The apartment is great over all but even though the building is no smoking people still smoke in their apartments when they don’t want to go outside to the designated smoking areas. The manager won’t enforce the no smoking ban for whatever reason. My neighbors girlfriend sneaks to the apartment across the hall (she lives a few doors up). So she smokes in his place and it comes into my apartment through the exhausts in the bathroom and over the stove, under the doors and through the plumbing drains. The manager gaslights me and says I am full of it or I am smelling the smoke from the lady who used to live in my apartment. It’s hanging in the halls and my clothes and hair reek and my apartment smells like an ashtray. I guess my question is there an affordable way to detect the fresh cigarette smoke? I am not talking about testing if the old tenant smoked (I already know she did). The irony of the situation is the boyfriend who lives across from me had a lung transplant due to his smoking and he quit in order to qualify for the transplant. Now he lets her smoke in his apartment. I just want to prove the smoking is seeping into my apartment too.

If it’s supposed to be a smoke free building, my advice is to talk to your local anti-smoking organization or your local lung society. Ask them for your assistance. They might know of someone you can complain to (housing authority, local housing law enforcement). If it was me I’d sue the bastards and force them to enforce their rules. Or your could all your local consumer reporter (TV or newspaper) and have them investigate.

I don’t think so…yes super sensitive smoke detectors exist. You find them in airplane & hospital bathrooms. They work in small confined spaces and are more sensitive to smoke than the average home smoke detector. Meaning, they are very easy to trigger and any cooking smoke will activate them.

The one’s I’m familiar with are commercial products and very expensive. There may be some cheaper options out there but I didn’t find them in a speedy quick look at Amazon.

Perhaps searching for bathroom smoke detector would give you some options.

thanks for the advice, I think I will try the HUD and American Lung Association or something like that. I see where someone sued the hell outta HUD for not enforcing the no smoking in another state.