Chromecast or AppelTV


I have now a chromecast and offering a tablett with netflix installed on it (including the netflix account) so guest can watch netflix or other channels. Most of the people are having much problems using it. Do you think I should change to an Appel TV?

Any other hosts using an appel TV and can give me reviews on it?

Or is it any other solution that is easy for guests?


Do you have well-written, step-by-step written instruction on how to access Netflix and choose something to watch, including the delay times while things load?? If not, why not? People not familiar with Netflix need to have their hands help and have you walk them through the process step-by-step.

I have two TVs in the property I share on Airbnb and both have Rokus attached to them in addition to cable TV. Only twice in six years have I been asked how to use it, but most of my guests skew very youngish - creative and tech professionals from NYC, so they know how to use a Roku and access Netflix.

… Although it is worth mentioning that I have clear labels on the remotes to explain how to turn on the TV, Cable and switch to Roku or the DVD player.

I have 3 properties and each one with an Apple TV
A total of 5 Apple tvs in all 3 properties.
My opinion Apple TV is by far simple , no lags and faster than any other entertainment device. Guests have never mentioned anything negative only positive comments about it and it also seems like more of a luxury device. And over the top
So I definitely recommend it.

Try it and if you don’t see guests loving it just return it

Very happy of the new Apple TV for guests.
What app do you have on for guests?