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Chrome extension: AirReview


Random Monday thought. Does the Chrome extension show reviews that a guest has left if the host didn’t review them? I don’t believe I have seen an example of this. Has anyone?


It does not. More reason to review every guest!


Thank you @Natalie. That is the conclusion I had reached. Always nice to have educated guesses confirmed.


I’m using this extension, but it doesn’t show reviews after the “fold”. Or whatever you call it when you have to click for “More”. I’ ve seen this behavior on different browsers. Regardless, can anyone one confirm this, so I can be sure I’m not hallucinating, or that there isn’t a gremlin lurking in my computer?


This seems to load the counter-reviews only for the first set of reviews that shows up at initial load. When you click the ‘See more’ link to load more, it won’t show the corresponding reviews for the new set displayed.

Has anyone seen it working differently?


Yes, that’s what I was referring to in my post above. IMO, it’s a bug. I wonder if it is worth reporting? Though it’s hard to imagine someone hasn’t done so already. I mean, it’s a pretty obvious and irritating bug.


I interpreted that as a missing feature - the current implementation only caters to the initial load and the functionality to load it for page extensions is future work. Still, we can debate it till the cows come home…


There’s a fine line between bug and feature. And it’s rife with subjectivity.


And the cows are nowhere near to be seen!


I finally got around to installing the AirReview extension today. Within minutes, I got what I am sure is a bogus inquiry (got it twice, even.) Bogus because I have IB on, we have a 20% discount applied (since it’s a new listing), because it’s the dead season in my area and this is the first inquiry ever, and because the inquiry blabs on about the great lighting in my listing (I’m waiting for the ABB photog because our pictures are dark and unflattering.) Anyway, I declined the inquiry and uninstalled the extension. I am in the IT field and I do not believe in coincidences. Here’s the inquiry:

Hi there! Ok so basically we’re active military and my husband may or may not come but either way I LOVE your house. I need a spacious area to work (i sell online) so I’d be quietly and neatly taking pics of my products and it seems like your home has the lighting I need. The reason when I mentioned the active military is because I was wondering if you’d be willing to work with me & possibly offer me a military do (I will show you my ID when I get there) basically I need a nice quiet, area to work (I sell on Amazon) because we’re cute renovating our home : / and yes we’re military but we’re no millionaires, so staying in anything even close to the Hilton is out of the question. I hope u choose to work with me because I could seriously use a good shower and work quietly: ) Thank you & God bless your family and u!!!
-Brittany A
Today at 3:47 PM · Eric

Thoughts, o’ wise forum members?


I can’t imagine that AirREVIEW had anything to do with this. It is an extension, in YOUR browser. Nothing more. I am in the IT field and believe in coincidences. Doesn’t mean that this inquiry is not a scam, and it sure looks like it.


Tu… NO. Discount seekers are trouble. Especially local ones. I’ve renovated my home, and did not have to get an Airbnb while I did it. Something is off here. Military thing sounds bogus. Just watch her lose her ID or not have it conveniently when it comes time to show you.

Just say no.


I had the same problem early on, but now it loads everything for me. It may have something to do with your OS. It only works in Chrome, and the difference I noticed was between Windows 7-8-10. I can’t recall which one didn’t load, unfortunately,


If you mean, did the Air Review extension have anything to do with you getting a bogus inquiry, I’d have to go with a flat no. I’d say the worst thing you can say about that extension is that it’s possibly buggy. See discussion above.

To be a little more specific, it’s about as likely as Donald Trump being a lizard from outer space. Then again, maybe that’s not so unlikely.

Seriously, though. I’m all for being paranoid - it’s a dangerous world out there. But in this case, I really think you are barking up the wrong tree.

Long time computer user here (Linux, mostly Debian Linux). I’ve mostly avoided the security and bug-infested nightmare known as Windows. Not really an expert, but long time programmer and occasional part-time sysadmin. So I think I’ve a reasonable idea of the risk factors involved in computing. And if you have a spare minute, you can google “Faheem Mitha” and see what you come up with.