Christmas Day guests


We are new to air b n b. Do people do anything extra if you have guests over Christmas including Christmas Day?

I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I don’t do anything for guests. None of them has complained. I think they’re just glad to find a host who will host them on Christmas Day.


Hi, we are also new to airbnb and suddenly got a request for Xmas. Our son had just informed us he wasn’t spending Xmas with us, so we said yes. (We usually spend xmas in our listing.) Then realised this was a premium slot and of course they are getting it at our lowest rate ever (4 months advance booking). We thought bugger! missed a trick there, but hey ho at leat we get some money.

The going rate for similar airbnb in our area for Xmas is at least double if not triple. Lesson learnt!

Oh forgot to mention they also asked for an Xmas Tree!!

And what was your reply?

“A Christmas tree is an extra cost option – $75. Stand $50. Ornaments $2 each…”

I wouldn’t buy them a tree, let them go out and buy one and put it up.


It appears I’ll have xmas guests for the first time since I started airbnb. I’ve had friends stay every year in the past but this year I didn’t block it off and I got a 4 night booking from a woman who is coming to spend the holiday with her fiance who is in the military. I have a lighted decoration that goes in their window facing out to the street and I’ll put a couple of xmas theme things in the room. I also have decor outside around the porch where they enter the room. As for anything special, I may share some cookies or breads if I make any but that will be it. I certainly won’t be buying them a tree.


Emm! Well in our defence we are new to this game. Fortunately not reliant on the income, so learning as we go. So we will erect a xmas tree (maybe not as big as last year) and will enjoy it at New Year. But the lesson learnt is don’t commit until you are aware of the financial implications.


@GentleHart, bless you, you’re going to need to toughen up a bit! I too missed many chances when I first started. Now I am rigorous about my calendar and only open it up 3-4 months in advance and regularly check for events in the area. Don’t be shy in the future about increasing prices for prime times. Some guests (a minority, thankfully) are like sharks and will smell newbie blood and spot an opportunity in an instant. Don’t go overboard for your xmas guests. They’ve already requested something… I smell sharks.

Off to double-check the rugby fixtures for next spring now…!!


I had an email from Airbnb asking me to unblock that week. I’m waiting til the hot tub is ready, then I will check other places and set my rate appropriately.

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Great question, I’ll be overseas for Xmas but my son will be hosting some guests for 5 nights, oh no!

I will be leaving a small collection of snow domes for him to place in the room, a Lindt avent calendar fully stocked and a cheap Xmas cake in the kitchen. Guests are Korean and whilst I don’t know their religion or preferences 100% of my Korean guests, and I have had a few, have been Christian. Even if they are not it’s a small cost to me to make their stay special.


This is the first year in our house we haven’t had family coming for Christmas, so we’ve decided to host at double our usual rate, on the condition we’re not checking anybody in or making beds on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Boxing Day. So that limits us a bit but I’m confident we’ll get a booking as it will be peak season. If we don’t, I’m not bothered either.
The guests will get a few deccies and a mince pie if I’m feeling generous, but no trees!

Ive brought a pretty twig tree from ebay, I will put some some festive smells about the house & I have made a small Christmas cake already (frozen), if I was away from home for Christmas Id love it if someone had done their best to make it special for me :slight_smile:

And there is no reason you can’t charge them for it. Just let them have the cost for various types.

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I’m so glad you mentioned Christmas. I have guests coming in to visit their family and I just didn’t think of the significance. Long story: I celebrate Chirstmas very simply and presents are consumables that I may I have prepared like a quart of canned Brunswick stew or a frozen chicken pot pie.

Now I’m reading this thread and gathering ideas. My area has a large Moravian population and I love the Moravian Christmas Eve celebrations. I think I will provide my guests with a list of the local Moravian Church celebrations in addition to a few other ideas/things I glean from this thread.

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Yes. Firstly I put the price up! I already have guests booked for Xmas. There is no particular reason to assume guests staying for Xmas might want you to make the place look Chrissmasy. They might be Jewish.and just want to get away for that time and avoid Xmas. Maybe ask them?


you are funny. I might leave my guests a frozen Moravian stew as a traditional gift.


excellent idea. But only $2 each for the ornaments?

Yes, we send them our Santa wishlist and tell them to bring all the items, in to the Xmas stocking of course! :gift::sparkling_heart::gift:

Stick up a printout of a Xmas :christmas_tree: on the wall next to their bed and tell them you belong to the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Inkjet!


The lovely dog and I pick a place on the map that will take about 6 hours to drive to and back. We tell guests we are going to visit friends for Xmas lunch. We park somewhere and share a ham sandwich. “How was Xmas lunch?”, they ask. “Perfect, as always, spent with my best friend(s)”, I say.