Choosing a bed for my airbnb room

Hello, from a newbie. I have a room with a separate bath that I am renting with Airbnb. Right now it has a Serta Never Flat raised queen airbed in it. It is the largest I can put in the room. Most places nearby have real beds. I am in Florida by the way. I have had people request but not reserve after they asked about the bed. I am thinking about getting a different bed. What do you suggest?

A sleeper sofa? I saw a sofa that also was a trundle bed. Trundle bed? Day bed with pop up trundel? Regular Queen bed. I appreciate your advice before I spend my money.

Welcome Seakirsi!

I didn’t have problems renting with an airbed but my price was lower because of it.

However, the air bed sprung a leak in the middle of the night when I had guests. They were awesome about it but the next day had to be devoted to finding a good deal on a mattress. Sadly I could not take advantage of many great deals on Craigslist because of the urgency.

so you’re wise to switch now.

If you want to be a ‘pro’ and give yourself the best chance of success get a standard queen. But use Craigslist if possible.

can you store your airbed and open your place to larger groups?

Good Luck!

Thanks for the advice. I can store the airbed, but the only use would be in the living room, so I don’t want to do that. I saw a cute sofa that turns into a bed on Ikea, and I was debating that. I thought then they could have a sofa too and not be so much in my living room. I liked the airbed, because in the off season, I could use the room for other purposes.

Do you envision many of your guests hanging out in their room? Depending how complicated it is to put the bed back into sofa during the day, a lot of people will just leave the sofa bed laid out the entire duration of their stay.

So if the sofa bed is not nearly as comfortable as the regular mattress…I would go with a regular bed. Could you put in a murphy bed so that you can use the room during the off season?

Thank you. I have slept on a sofa bed, and they can be uncomfortable. I find some hotel beds uncomfortable. I took the advice and am now shopping on craigslist for a queen bed frame. I am so happy to have my first booking coming tomorrow, with the air bed, but I want to change it so I can ask for more money. Do you always buy new mattresses, and if so which brand do you recommend? I don’t want to spend the money on that mattress that I spent on mine, but I do want a comfortable one. Any advice is well appreciated.

And here in Toronto, you can’t even give away a used mattress to charity. Too much risk of bedbugs.

We bought some sort of multi-layer foam thing from a futon shop - it’s a bit on the firm side, but many of our guests have commented on how comfortable it is and how well they slept. I can attest to that, because whenever my wife and I had a fight night, I always had a great sleep up there.

The standard, no high-tech mattresses can be in the back of the mattress store. You have to tell them you just want a good, basic mattress. Where I went they were in the back, like the stock room. I found one I loved. They put all the expensive ones up front. Give them a budget and they will work a deal with you.

Don’t get scared looking around the show room - there’s enough tech to send a man to the moon and prices to match.

Thank you. I got one from Sam’s club that 93% of 534 people liked. Most comfortable bed ever they said. It was really reasonable. My first guest is here and fine that it is an air bed. But with your advice, I now can charge more, and get more people.

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Great, seakirsi! Keep us posted!

There are options for you to go in for a sofa cum bed as you prefer such kind of a bed. I bought such kind of a sofa cum bed at my house as there was lack of space at my home to buy both bed and a sofa. Sofa cum bed would make it easy to use as a sofa while it is to be used as sofa and the other time it is to be used as a bed. I got the best kind of sofa cum bed from ‘Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse’ at Canada whom i guess could help you too.

I bought one from Sam’s club. I have a very narrow staircase of 32 inches with lots of corners and cannot get a regular sofa bed upstairs. Sam’s makes one that folds and will fit up the stairs. Thanks for all the help.

Oh how did someone come up with the name Sofa cum bed? - LMAO

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We brought the cheapest double bed and mattress from ikea £200 then brought a 2 inch foam topped off Amazon (£20). Guests rave about it.

If you are in a area with many Airbnb hosts then i think you’ll have trouble without a real bed. Folds outs can be very uncomfortable & so can air mattresses - if you choose these then you will have to price accordingly.

lol i’m not sure. i think the original poster had deleted her comments.

On the Sam’s club bed, so far my guests have raved about it. So thanks for the advice. Glad I got rid of the air bed. Once I changed my listing to a regular bed, I am now booked solid. Have guests booked back to back for three weeks. I was having trouble when it was an air bed.

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Hey MO, I am from Toronto as well. What exactly did you use the foam from?