Chocolate stains

I have noticed people eat and drink in bed.My sheets are cotton and polyester.How do you get chocolate out? They eat my chocolate chip cookies in bed. Maybe I should make white chocolate chips…

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Rubbing in a bit of laundry detergent on the spot will do. Let it sit for a few minutes before putting it in the wash. If that doesn’t do it, dish soap will.

Let’s just hope it’s chocolate and not “chocolate”.


There’s an amazing stain remover called Dr Beckmann. It really works. I think it’s only available in the UK, though. You could always stop giving them chocolate chip cookies :wink: !

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Maybe you should stop giving free cookies all together… white chocolate will do the same

maybe plain sugar cookies! How do you get people to stop eating in bed? I have had to deal with mustard stains; catsup; red wine, and chocolate.Fortunately I havent had to deal w bodily fluids!I think we need to have a stain forum. Im going to see if amazon or ebay has dr beckman…

Oxyclean is my go to stain remover. It works like a charm.

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@diamond54 - it just goes to show how every place and every host is different. I’ve never had food stains on the bed but plenty of bodily fluids!

Try baking soda and vinegar. Sometimes boiling water works to lift any stain.

OxyClean is my Go To for food stains. Have never had probles with either food stains or fluids…

Does no one else think that it might not be chocolate??