Chesky's tweet today on AirBnB improvements

Chesky just tweeted a boatload of things AirBnB is doing to improve things:

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Looks like some good improvements for me as a guest. I don’t see filter by star rating though.

I notice all the screenshots are on a phone. How long before they start removing functionality from the desktop version of the platform?

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The longer the better. I prefer handling as much as I can on my PC. It’s easier to see and type.


All for guests. Almost nothing addressed for hosts. (Although the “message read” feature would be useful)
The syncophantic replies on the twitter feed are stomach-turning.

They’ll lower their fees on stays over 3 months? When most hosts have no intention of renting for more than a month due to guests becoming tenants?
They’re going to make sure CS answers calls within 2 minutes? What good is that if CS gives clueless, often incorrect answers and is ignorant of policy?

As usual, most of this is just PR hype.


Well there are a few concerns:

  1. Appeals for blocked bookings - does this mean that hosts can no longer have the last say if you block a guest? I’ve had some nasty guests that I would never let back on my property.

  2. Now all checkout instructions can be viewed on the listing page before you book. Well I guess we’ll be getting a notice to update.

For me I’m not worried because I require very little of guests when they check out and for those who have lengthy checkout processes, I think that will help hosts that keep it simple.


It refers to bookings that are blocked by the system as a party risk, e.g. under 25.


In the video, he referred to blocking the calendar as in grouping dates together. At least that’s what I took it as…. I’ll go back and rewatch.

(I didn’t see the tweet. I just watched the 5 min video)

So it looks like I missed the whole section that is for guests. I just saw the one for hosts. Disregard my above comment. I’m sorry!

Ah, to have a desk top again! I’ve been pretty much reliant on the app for a cpl of years, & mostly happy. But when an issue occurs, I’ve got to admit, the desktop version seems to shine.
I’ve become so reliant on my phone, & only go to my desktop maybe once a month, if that. Tbh, my computer is antiquated, & I’m too cheap to buy a new one! The struggle is real!:joy:

WOW, thanks for this insight! I also just saw the video for hosts. Never thought to look for another one for guests… Go figure! :woman_facepalming:

Just noticed on some people’s listings the goofy little books on the left bottom of the front page with host photo, how many nights rented whether they’re a super host and then info about the host. All of this can be found once you look at the rental. Don’t know if hosts do this or if it’s automatic.

That must be the “host passport”, with those idiotic questions (that I have no intention of answering) straight out of the adolescent TikTok mentality- “fun facts” about ourselves, our favorite song, “I’m obsessed with…”, etc. :nauseated_face:

While guests seem provide less and less information about themselves, with totally blank profiles, “phone number unavailable” (I’ve gotten 3 of those this season) and no profile photo, hosts are now supposed to let guests know all about ourselves.

And just like IB, Airbnb has passive-aggressive wording about it in their update to the tune of “getting more exposure”- implying that if a host isn’t interested in pretending they’re a celebrity whose guests are interested in knowing “fun facts” about them, you’ll get lower search ranking.

In this day and age when we are cautioned to put less information about ourselves out there online, Airbnb, as usual, is tone deaf.


Once you’ve put your home on an international website to rent it out to complete strangers, I hardly think that saying what your favorite song is or that you like animals and baseball is the tipping point of too much information about yourself :joy:

I’ve really been enjoying looking at the new “Rooms” category. One thing that stuck out to me was that people’s occupation (if they’ve chosen to put it) is next to their name (on the search screen). It says like, “Stay with Riley - Artist” or “Stay with Melinda - Teacher”. FWIW, I think it would look really cool to see “Stay with Sarah - Upholsterer”.


I respectfully disagree. Having an online listing for an accommodation is quite different from posting personal information about yourself. I realize it may not bother many, but it definitely bothers some to see the host becoming the focus of booking a place to stay, as if we are on a dating site.

There’s a thread here where you can see that others feel the same way.

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Just fyi: when I see “phone number unavailable” on the reservation when its been confirmed, I go before doing anything to the email confirmation itinerary to print it out. Every time recently, there is the guest ##.

I filled out my/ our profile when I started as a host and guest. That’s it that I’ll supply as far as information. I don’t think anyone reads it. Sometimes if a guest is new I tell them that Airbnbn hosts like guests profiles to be filled in.

Just looked and rentals with that little book thing on the front page, when you open the rental site, in the middle of the page is a larger photo of the host and details about them. Tacky, tacky.
I already had some details on my profile, so guess I was spared this new thing.

Oh, I’ve just asked the guests for their number when I’ve seen that and they have all been forthcoming.

My point was that guests seem to be allowed to post as little personal information as possible, while hosts are now part of the “product” Airbnb is selling, which is an invasion of personal privacy, and that it is tied to “more exposure”, aka you’ll be punished if you don’t comply, is disturbing.


I’ve learned to look for guest # in the itinerary before asking them. Yes they are always forthcoming if I’ve forgotten that tactic.

I’ll check that next time. Never thought of doing that, as it’s only recently that I’ve gotten confirmed booking profiles with no phone nunber.

No, it is optional to fill out this questionairre, and I’m sure you could if you wanted to. And I think it may only be encouraged for hosts in the new “Rooms” category, at least that’s what the update info implies.

Yep, mine now has that. :grimacing: But as I haven’t filled out their stupid questionaire, it just says how many reviews, 5* rating, and how many years I’ve been hosting. That and the nice reviews my guests have left saying what a helpful and easygoing host I was, should be all guests need to know about me, and likely all they care to know.

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