Chesky can be your host on Air

I found this article in a decoration magazine where they show the property that the CEO makes available in Air, at the end is the link to see the publication on the platform itself. I haven’t frequented the forum for a long time, sorry if it’s already old news!
La casa del cofundador y CEO de Airbnb disponible para alquilar en San Francisco | delikatissen?


Yes, it’s rather old news. And apparently Chesky is not subject to the same rules he imposes on his hosts. He states that he will take up to 48 hours to approve a request, he lists for $0, while hosts are not allowed to list for less than $10, he has indoor cameras he does not disclose the locations of.

As for the article, “The decoration of the room has a very bright bohemian air, the house in general has that new American style, with large open spaces in white and where retro, vintage and mid-century modern pieces are interspersed.”


Every surface of the bedroom is covered in his knickknacky Airbnb clutter. I guess he thinks guests are more interested in his self-promotion than anywhere to put their own stuff.
You couldn’t pay me to have to listen to his “How I started Airbnb with an air mattress” stories.


FYI - According to a very close friend of mine, a friend of hers actually started the concept of Airbnb and sold it to Chesky.

I wouldn’t be surprised. As far as I’m aware, he was a design major with a penchant for architecture, not someone with a business background.