Checking on Airbnb Payments

I was shocked when I received an Airbnb notice re a recent bank deposit from two different tenants who had LONG gone (couple of months). My understanding is that payments take place the day after they arrive. Now I have to go to my bank statements and keep track of Airbnb and I see there is no reference to the tenant’s name on the deposit. I did call Airbnb on this and was summarily rejected with “Oh, well, if it happens again, let us know.” Any suggestions, comments?

I am trying to get over my shock that you don’t maintain a bank register, or even a list of payments and the dates that they represent. However, AirBNB does this for you. Simply go to the airBNB website to Account --> Transaction History --> Export. You can export a .csv of all your transactions, which includes the amount, dates, names, and reservation confirmation code or you can choose the Summary Report.


I notice that once or twice a year I host someone and am not paid by Airbnb for weeks or months after the guest leaves. I feel as though I should be kept abreast of not payers or, even better, given an option to cancel their stay, without penalty, before arrival, if Airbnb has not received payment. More often, I am not paid for 5 days after their arrival. I do expect that the payment goes into my bank account the day after they arrive because this happens most times. What gives with this ?

@jds only airbnb can answer this. I assume you have a calendar on which you note guest’s arrivals and departures? Then perhaps add another note to look for payment. If it hasn’t arrived you can call airbnb. Sometimes there is a ‘glitch’ but if you call them they can work it out.

Airbnb takes their pay immediately after the guests books, so I don’t believe that is the problem. But call them and find out what’s happening.

I clock watch every penny so am never surprised by any deposits! :smiley:


Thanks for the notation suggestion and will do this as well as contact Airbnb quickly. I assume they use our guests’ deposited money in some seriously profitable way.

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One can only imagine how many zillions of dollars can be invested and played with before they need to send it to us.

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